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Today’s banks and financial institutions face challenges on several fronts. In addition to cross-industry pressures to improve operational efficiency and productivity, they must embrace digital transformation to remain competitive, maintain a secure data environment amidst increasing cybersecurity threats, and comply with a steady stream of regulatory requirements.

Cocolevio offers solutions that can address these challenges:

  • Platform-agnostic system and service architecture, design and implementation
  • Security monitoring and alerting​​
  • Machine Learning (ML) and AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Big Data
  • Workflow Automation
  • User Interface design and implementation​
  • Mobile applications design and implementation

What Cocolevio offers

Technology Portfolio Audit

Eliminate the tools you no longer need while modernizing the capabilities you do

Workflow Automation

Improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating manual and time-consuming processes

Data Management & Analytics

Harness the power of your data with reporting and analytics tools that enable real-time insights that decision making​.

We focus on a number of technology areas

  • Automation – Addressing pressures to increase revenue while cutting costs and streamlining processes; companies hope to achieve cost savings, improved back office agility and greater speed to market for new products and services
  • Modernizing Legacy Systems – Transforming and future-proofing infrastructure and applications to reduce costs, simplify IT systems, improve customer and employee experience and reduce risks in support of new business and IT models
  • Customer Experience – Retaining and growing the customer base by meeting their evolving demands across channels; competing with both traditional banks and more innovative fintechs, FI’s are facing pressures to provide products and experiences that are better and faster to customers while extracting more value from them
  • Data & Analytics – Managing data efficiently and securely while maximizing the insights they produce; data is now an asset

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