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Cloud, artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of things (IoT), and other modern technology trends have many businesses revisiting their established business model and supporting technology.  Failure to adapt and transform could mean lost competitiveness and revenue.

We offer:

  • Cloud ROI assessment
  • Company and product growth strategy
  • Industry insights and business intelligence
  • Product development
  • Software architecture
  • Avoiding vendor lock-in

Our approach

In today’s marketplace any significant technology decision you make will be heavily influenced by business and financial considerations. This is more true now than ever before given new, modern technologies and the business models (on-demand, open source, reserved instances, etc.) that accompany them. Cocolevio can help.

First and foremost, we will help you choose the right technical solution (Software Architecture) but we will also help you think through the broader business and financial implications:

  • What is the ROI of my technology decision? Help me build a business case.
  • How do I compare the capital spend model of a private cloud to the pay-as-you-go model of public cloud?
  • How difficult/expensive will it be to switch platforms?
  • Will this platform be flexible enough to enable my business strategy in the long run?
  • Help me think through the economics of custom software vs. open source vs. off-the-shelf.

A $10 million revenue customer needed help with vendor selection for the right CRM solution (Salesforce vs. Sugar CRM vs. off-the-shelf vs. custom application). Client considerations included ROI, overall costs long and short term, opex and capex, license and maintenance, evaluation of project risk, and compatibility with long term strategic goals. This was a critical, significant investment, resolved quickly in the customer's best interests.

For a $3 billion revenue customer, Cocolevio designed an overall cloud strategy. We then modelled the economic costs of running 3 mission critical applications in their US data centers vs. moving those same applications to Amazon Web Services. The results of this predictive modelling led to clear output which drove the executive team's final decision and investment.

We helped a $50 million revenue firm consolidate many IT vendors, modernize and move key infrastructure projects to the cloud, advise on incoming proposals, and outsource key functions to reduce labor costs. This significantly cut costs and increased operational efficiency.


Growth strategy

You're ready to take things to the next level. Our Strategy and Business Development team has deep expertise. Let us help you navigate this crucial step in your company's journey.

Product development

Cocolevio brings Fortune 50 product development and growth expertise from companies like Dell, IBM, and Visa to reach your company's goals.

Business intelligence

Cocolevio's business intelligence includes industry insights as well as business modelling and data analytics.

Cloud ROI assessment

You know the cloud is out there, but do you know how it can help your bottom line? Let Cocolevio show you.

Future–ready software architecture

Delighting customers and winning in the marketplace through the use of modern technology (Cloud, Big Data, IoT) starts with a well-thought out Software Architecture. In plain English, software architecture is a blueprint for how you are going to use various technical components to successfully execute your long-term strategy without:

  • Limiting the flexibility of your business strategy going forward
  • Locking you in to high cost contracts or platforms with high switching costs
  • Failed projects

Software Architecture sets the early foundation for all subsequent project activities to be built on and around. A poorly constructed architecture can result in a project that is riddled with issues that are expensive to fix or even faulty to a degree that you need to scrap it all and start over.

The best software architecture is built mindful of not only the technical environment but also the business environment in which you operate. At Cocolevio our team has decades of experience building world-class software products based on architectures grounded in a comprehensive business strategy. Furthermore, because our only technology focus is Cloud, Big Data and IoT, we ensure that your architecture is modern and future–ready.

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