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Your data is scattered in half a dozen or more databases. The business data is there, but not the business intelligence it can offer. Cocolevio's data management and analytics experts can solve your problems.

  • Actionable, predictive analytics
  • Business intelligence
  • Dashboards based on your specific KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Intuitive data visualization
  • Data warehouse creation

Wrangling data

Our clients often ask us to help them gain insights from data their modern technology platforms produce. For example:

  • What factors correlate most highly to an increase in check size in my restaurant?
  • How much would my profit increase if my delivery truck routes were optimized to reduce driving miles and avoid traffic?
  • I have an ETL problem. Once a week I have to pull data from a 3rd party database and transfer that data into my database. This method is error prone and labor intensive. Can you help me automate this?
  • We provide our clients a managed service where they simply ask for insights and we provide real-time, daily or weekly dashboards to help clients make informed investment decisions.

No more seat-of-your-pants business decisions!

Actionable analytics

Cocolevio can provide data analytics assistance in refining KPIs (key performance indicators).

Intuitive dashboards

We can create targeted, role-focused dashboards with intuitive data visualization and drill-downs, as well as email reports.

Your BI, your way

We can customize your success metrics and analytics to provide actionable, meaningful reporting on demand.

Data warehouse creation

Cocolevio has supported multiple databases for a variety of industries. Let us integrate you multiple data sources for an accurate picture of success.

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