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Cocolevio understands that healthcare IT professionals have one of the hardest jobs in the industry, carrying huge responsibilities, but often lacking the required resources to fulfill organizational needs. ​

From mitigating increasing cybersecurity risks to managing newly adopted technologies, there’s much to consider for today’s IT teams—keeping systems ticking over efficiently is really just the tip of the iceberg. ​

While no means an exhaustive list of every issue facing healthcare IT teams, outlined below are four major challenges that are sure to resonate with most healthcare IT practitioners:

  • BYOD continues to rise - with smartphones getting smarter, and portable laptops replacing traditional desktop computers, healthcare professionals are increasingly taking their work on the road and home with them. While BYOD makes the medical staff more productive, mitigating the associated IT risk is absolutely critical.​​

What Cocolevio offers

Compliant Data Management

Put the data management processes in place to comply with evolving industry regulations

Application Migration & Modernization

Move off of legacy systems Improve business efficiency and competitive positioning

Secure Cloud Services

Modernize and stay future ready while protecting sensitive patient data

Contact us to learn more about:​

  • Platform-agnostic system and service architecture, design and implementation​
  • Security monitoring and alerting​​
  • Big Data ​​
  • Machine Learning (ML) and AI (Artificial Intelligence)​
  • Workflow automation​
  • User Interface design and implementation​
  • Mobile applications design and implementation

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