We understand that your industry is the greatest determinant of why, how, and when you adopt modern technology. You and your industry competitors share the same regulations, laws, customers, trends, micro– and macro–economic factors and business models. Cocolevio therefore creates specific, industry solutions that address the unique opportunities, challenges, fears and risks inherent in industries and sub-industries. We serve and translate those themes into tangible cloud, big data, and Internet of things solutions.


Technology solutions for environmental waste

Join our marketplace,where material producers partner with each other to recycle waste and protect our landfills.

a diagram of waste becoming reclaimed goods, recycling the previously unrecyclable

How a company's waste is transformed into reclaimed goods, recycling the previously unrecyclable.

RCRA compliance

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) compliance often requires a technical solution to identify, evaluate and classify waste.

How Materials Marketplace and RCRA interact

How Materials Marketplace and RCRA interact.

Cocolevio helps reduce the world's footprint

The U.S. Business Council for Sustainable Development (US BCSD, a non-profit business association) has created a cloud-based Materials Marketplace which allows US corporations to exchange and repurpose unwanted materials, thereby reducing America’s landfill footprint. Other countries such as Turkey have also joined the Materials Marketplace space.

In the past, the US BCSD process of matching businesses disposing of materials with businesses who want to use these materials was successful, but largely manual, time-consuming and not scalable. Matchmaking involved a lot of phone calls, email exchanges of data, reliance on your personal rolodex to search for candidates and due diligence. The new cloud marketplace is a friction-less platform that allows both disposers and acquirers to quickly consume and evaluate relevant data, make faster decisions, have a broader audience with which to trade, and operationally save both time and money. The new cloud marketplace has successfully decreased landfill usage among existing participants, and increased the number of new participating municipalities, states, countries and businesses.

Cocolevio is building this cloud-based Materials Marketplace platform, working with the US BCSD (and their municipality and Fortune 500 customers) to understand business requirements, build the Software Architecture, create the business model, provide Managed Operations for the cloud environment and drive Software Development.

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Build your daily maid schedule in minutes—not hours

Making your daily maid schedule doesn’t have to be time consuming or painful.

Gif of easy scheduler software

A glimpse of just how easy scheduling can be.

Build your custom scheduler in weeks. Gain the freedom to run your business.

  • Optimize the routes your teams travel via GPS and Google Maps geolocation. Know where your teams are at any given moment.
  • Integrate scheduler with your existing software tools (CRM, web checkout, time tracking, invoicing tool, etc.).
  • Minimize the miles and time lost in traffic. Increase the number of homes cleaned—and profit.
  • Easily remove and add teams to the schedule on a daily basis to adapt to sick cleaners, car repairs, and similar challenges.
  • Calculate distance traveled and better understand profitability per team.
  • Dynamically change the schedule based on unforeseen events (lockouts, unexpected job).

More time for Morehands

Morehands Maids is a Texas-based maid home cleaning service with offices in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Cypress.

Every evening, Morehands goes through a time-consuming process of creating the cleaning schedule for the following day, figuring out which teams will clean which houses and in what order. This schedule contains many variables that need to be prioritized and optimized, including:

  • Location and driving distance
  • Cleaning team capacity
  • Revenue
  • Home size
  • Home familiarity

Cocolevio is helping Morehands save time, operational complexity and cost by building a cloud-based scheduling tool that generates a schedule in minutes, using a custom-built algorithm. In this engagement, Cocolevio worked closely with managers to design the tool, develop the business logic behind the algorithm, provide Managed Operations for the cloud environment and drive Software Development. This tool saves hundreds of hours of managers time, freeing them to focus on other critical aspects of the business.

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Understand all your restaurants from one dashboard

Integrate all your restaurant applications into a single solution.

Image of services Cocolevio offers to restaurant chains.

Cocolevio can help with POS systems, online ordering, loyalty programs, employee management, and intuitive dashboards.

How Cocolevio transforms managing restaurants

Keep the best-of-breed applications you love—we integrate them to work as one.

  • Point of Sale (POS) systems
  • Loyalty programs
  • Online ordering
  • Pay at the table
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Line/queue management

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Sports & entertainment

Cocolevio works with sports and entertainment customers who seek deeper engagement with their fans through the use of modern technology.

Ballstar, the go–to site for amateur & youth fans

Ballstar, a basketball app for youth & amateur leagues

The emergence of youth and amateur sport leagues over the last decade, and the deep engagement and interest in these leagues from parents, coaches, scouts, players and fans, has been incredible. Ballstar wants to capture all of this interest and energy by creating a platform of engagement for the fans and other stakeholders in these leagues.

Cocolevio is helping Ballstar build software to allow fans to track their favorite players across whatever leagues they may play. We are also helping Ballstar maintain a database of all of the player statistics across all leagues and building a mobile app that allows fans and coaches to enter game statistics real-time as the games are played.

Somewhere out there is the best boys high school basketball player in America. Let the debates begin!

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Complete solutions for State & Local Government

Cocolevio is HUB-certified in the State of Texas and have a diverse team of technology professionals dedicated to State & Local government clients. Further, we are a value-added reseller (VAR) building solutions with OEMs (Dell, AWS, etc.) to modernize K-12, state, and local technology platforms.

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (Texas CPA) is the chief steward of the state’s finances, acting as tax collector, chief accountant, chief revenue estimator, and chief treasurer for all of state government, in addition to administering a number of other programs.

Cocolevio is helping Texas CPA reduce administration support requirements for mass communication by various divisions within the agency. Too much manual intervention was required to ensure accuracy in communication. Cocolevio is helping provide a more reliable system for the agency’s business divisions.

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Trucking & transportation

The trucking industry is saturated with specialized software solutions, each focusing on different aspects of the business. Wrangling the necessary data required to track and estimate arrival times accurately has become increasingly difficult, as transportation companies have to look in multiple places for data. And even if you do geolocate trucks, if a vehicle is stopped it still takes personal labor to discover why: customs, an accident, repairs, etc.

Cocolevio created a trio of solutions which integrated multiple data sources to track position, status, ETA and more, bringing trucking industry technology up to the level of the parcel delivery industry. We applied AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of things) technology to create a system capable of learning driver behaviors to refine ETA prediction.

White papers

 Cocolevio's application of Microsoft Azure's B2B integration services results in innovative electronic data interchange (EDI).

 Cocolevio has taken shipment tracking to the next level for the trucking industry.

screen shot, truck locator screen

Screen shot of a filterable locations map

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