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Oil and Gas

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Oil and Gas

There is a dramatic expansion in data generation in the up and midstream sectors of the oil and gas business. In many cases, much of this data is not put to use. ​

Data management, advanced analytics and Machine Learning can translate this data into useful information and greatly enhance the outcome of many upstream workflows.​

Additionally, Machine Learning is rapidly joining the upstream professional’s toolbox. Many tasks required for resource evaluation, geologic assessment, drilling, completions, production and back office operations generate abundant data. With Cloud-based data management and Machine Learning applications, you can elevate your analysis to use all the data available – no technical limits. Cocolevio has specific expertise in the design and implementation of machine learning applications. We are developing machine learning applications with our clients for the financial, manufacturing, and oil and gas sectors.

What Cocolevio offers

Asset Managers & Thought Leaders

For Asset Managers and Thought Leaders: strategy and advice on Cloud, Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence.​

Workflow Experts

Software design and development, more precisely creating software architecture and writing the code that builds the solution.​

IT specialists

Operations Support Systems (OSS), including the architecture, code, and POCs to support modern technology in a cloud computing environment.​

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more about:​

  • Machine Learning and Data Analytics: including problem definition, defining Machine Learning strategies and co-creating project designs, proof of concept proposals, and communications for management decisions.​
  • Operations Support Systems (OSS): OSS is a package of programs that manage the network and network operations of an enterprise or specific system. An OSS greatly facilitates Cloud based computing and efficient allocation of IT resources. Cocolevio is recognized for specific expertise in the design, creation, and implementation of OSS at the enterprise scale.​

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