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Service Management

Innovate and take the pain out of everyday tasks

Service Management

Build Your Schedule in Minutes — Not Hours

Whether you run a cleaning service, a moving company or a delivery business, making the daily schedule for your team does not have to be time consuming or painful.

  • Integrate scheduler with your existing software tools (CRM, web checkout, time tracking, invoicing tool, etc.).
  • Optimize the routes your teams travel via GPS and Google Maps geolocation. Minimize the miles and time lost in traffic, know where your teams are at any given moment, and increase the number of customers served—and profit.
  • Easily remove and add people and teams to the schedule on a daily basis to adapt to personal scheduling conflicts
  • Calculate distance traveled to optimize job assignments and better understand profitability per team.
  • Dynamically change the schedule based on customer preferences and unforeseen events (customer availability changes, last minute jobs, etc.).

What Cocolevio offers

Custom Software Development

Optimize and scale with unique solutions developed for your unique business challenges and needs

Seamless Software Integration

Ensure smooth integration of your new tools into your existing environment

User Friendly Interface

Whether your end users include your customers or your employees, an easy to use application is critical

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