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The best software is built mindful of not only the technical environment but also the business environment in which you operate. At Cocolevio our team has decades of experience building world-class software products based on architectures grounded in a comprehensive business strategy. Furthermore, because our only technology focus is cloud, big data and IoT, we ensure that your architecture is modern and future ready.

We offer:

Application migration/refactoring
Business process automation
Cloud solutions
API integration
Software Development

The right tech for the job

Your tech, your way

The Cocolevio team brings decades of experience solving business and technology issues for major corporations all around the world. We leverage this experience to provide you objective, technology-agnostic consulting. This means we will never push one particular cloud provider or software vendor over another.

Customers value Cocolevio as a technology-agnostic business partner: we are not beholden to any particular technology platform, product or vendor. Our only goal is to help you succeed, regardless of what software or technology platform you choose.

Making it happen

Cocolevio provides software development services to help you execute on your vision. You only pay as software functions and features are completed (“story points”), rather than large upfront payments hoping you get what you asked for months later. Our customers value the rapid feedback loop and transparency.

Tried-and-true composite applications

Right now, quality, affordable, easy to use software is readily available for credit card processing, CRM, account management, identity and access management and more. There is no need to rebuild these basic components when they are accessible and inexpensive. We focus on building your unique software on these commodity building blocks, getting you up and running faster.

By leveraging the APIs that are available with most modern cloud based software services, it is possible to build truly innovative systems which can disrupt the incumbents in many areas. For instance, being able to use simple API-based payment processors, it is very easy to create mobile applications for checkouts. This negates the need for legacy point-of-sale solutions.

Tremendous industry investment in cloud, big data, and IoT over the last decade has created this unique composite application opportunity for today’s businesses. In the past, building custom applications which were tailor-made to your company needs was prohibitively expensive, time-consuming and complex. It was far wiser to work with off-the-shelf applications and accept their limitations, in exchange for simplicity, a lower price, and faster time-to-value. The playing field is now considerably leveled for small and medium businesses to compete with much larger companies in the global marketplace.

Software development

Cocolevio's expert team specializes in building composite applications. These solutions tie together smaller pieces of existing applications into one larger mashup, resulting in a composite application tailor-made to a specific customers needs. Composite applications:

  • Simplify development and maintenance
  • Cost less than custom software
  • Reduce risk by avoiding lock-in and using tested code
  • Shorten time-to-value, getting you where you need to be faster

Application migration & refactoring

When making the decision to migrate a software portfolio to the cloud, one of the first and most critical decisions is figuring out which applications and workloads would benefit from optimization and re-architecting before moving to the public cloud versus those applications that would not.

Cocolevio conducts a cloud readiness assessment, classifying your application into one of five migration strategy categories, based on our assessment of the application in its current state and your business goals.

  • Rehost
    “Lift and shift,” a simple approach, requires very few application changes. Still, it does not take advantage of many of the public cloud benefits.
  • Refactor
    Refactoring involves application modification which allows for some benefits of public cloud, such as elastic compute.
  • Revise
    A significant application revision lets the application support a modern, cloud-oriented capability without it actually becomes a native cloud application.
  • Rebuild
    Rebuilding is the process of taking an existing application and completely rebuilding it focusing on a cloud native architecture.
  • Replace
    There are plenty of situations where a legacy application can be replaced by a SaaS application thus negating the need for the organization to even consider a cloud migration strategy for that legacy investment.

Cloud solutions

Cocolevio manages the operations of our customers’ cloud environments, ensuring that your applications are up and running 24/7. Our cloud-based managed operations service includes:

  • Review of workload
  • Configuration management
  • Automation
  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Patching
  • Updates
  • Scaling / Auto-scaling
  • Backup / Disaster recovery
  • Compliance with best practices
  • Automated deployment

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