Who we are

We are a diverse team of Fortune 50 strategy, design, and technology expertise. We bring decades of experience solving challenges for corporations all over the world.

We believe that:

  • Every business should be empowered to focus on what they love: running the business.
  • The right design and technology can promote a sustainable, circular, thriving economy.
  • As with childhood games, amazing accomplishments and valuable insights happen in playful, highly focused environments.

At Cocolevio, we believe in the power of diverse people and approaches. Every customer is different and has unique business needs. We pride ourselves on our platform agnostic approach to tailoring tools and solutions to achieve the best customer outcome.

Work, meet play

At Cocolevio we balance hard work with serious play. Here's technologist Henry Ung, amateur boxer, supported by Cocolevio teammates before a competitive bout.

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Our leadership team

Nnamdi Orakwue photo

Nnamdi Orakwue

Founder, CEO

Nnamdi has deep experience as a business leader in the technology space. Nnamdi founded Cocolevio on the belief that the next generation of technology investments (Cloud, Big Data, IoT) will require unprecedented coordination of business, financial and technical competencies. This future necessitates a new type of business partner and service provider – equal parts business strategist, software architect and platform-agnostic delivery.

Before founding Cocolevio, Nnamdi spent 15 years at Dell and IBM, most recently as Vice President of Dell Software Group and leader of Dell’s Cloud business globally. Nnamdi started his career at Dell as Chief of Staff to Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell. Prior to starting his technology career, Nnamdi worked in investment banking and private equity. Nnamdi holds an MBA from The Wharton School, where he was the recipient of the Goldman Sachs Fellowship, and an AB from Harvard University.

Nnamdi grew up playing Cocolevio in Brooklyn, New York and is currently based in Austin, TX.

Obi photo

Obi Arinze

Vice President, Product and Partnerships

As head of Products and Platforms, Obi is responsible for developing products and platforms focused on addressing unmet technology needs of specific industry verticals. She also leads Cocolevio's business development efforts in building, expanding and deepening relationships with key strategic partners.

Obi joined Cocolevio from Dell Technologies where she held various positions including managing Dell's strategic partnership with Microsoft. Prior to Dell, Obi was at Visa where she led product innovation efforts.

Prior to her technology career, Obi worked in investment banking and in strategy consulting at the Boston Consulting Group. Obi holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from London Metropolitan University. She is based in Austin, TX.

John photo

John Absher

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, John works with Cocolevio’s developers to translate customers’ needs into working products.

For the last ten years, John has been an owner and operator of three Long John Silver’s franchises and a megaplex movie theater. He understands mid-market companies and how modern technologies can help them stay competitive.

John joined Cocolevio after doing legal for startups and IP companies. He has a BA from Harvard University and a JD from Tulane Law School.

Jai Menon photo

Jai Menon

Board of Advisors

IBM Fellow Emeritus, Founding Head of Dell Research, Advisor of Cloudistics. Dr. Jai Menon has served as CTO for multi-billion dollar Systems businesses (Servers, Storage, Networking) at both IBM and Dell.

Jai was an IBM Fellow, IBM’s highest technical honor, and one of the early pioneers who helped create the technology behind what is now a $20B RAID industry. He impacted every significant IBM RAID product between 1990 & 2010, and he co-invented one of the earliest RAID-6 codes in the industry called EVENODD. He was also the leader of the team that created the industry’s first, and still the most successful, storage virtualization product. When he left IBM, Jai was Chief Technology Officer for Systems Group, responsible for guiding 15,000 developers. In 2012, he joined Dell as VP and CTO for Dell Enterprise Solutions Group. In 2013, he became Head of Research and Chief Research Officer for Dell.

Jai holds 53 patents, has published 82 papers, and is contributing author to three books on database and storage systems. He is an IEEE Fellow and an IBM Master Inventor, he is a Distinguished Alumnus of both IIT, Madras and Ohio State University, and he is a recipient of the IEEE Wallace McDowell Award and the IEEE Reynold B. Johnson Information Systems Award. He serves on several university, customer and company advisory boards.

Our Staff: Strength in Diversity

Our belief in the power of diverse people and approaches is reflected in our staff. Not only are they trained in a variety of platforms—AWS, Azure, Google—and languages—Java, Python, JavaScript, SQL, C++, HTML & CSS, PHP—they also come from diverse educational and personal backgrounds.

At Cocolevio, we believe that the diverse backgrounds of our team go hand in hand with the diversity of thinking we strive for in developing innovative strategies and solutions for our customers. Our team members' varied backgrounds provide each of them with unique experiences, knowledge bases, points of view, and ways of thinking. We are able to provide flexible and creative strategies and solutions to our customers, precisely because the interaction of our team members' varied perspectives inevitably leads to fresh and innovative approaches.

"For me, I think the diversity is so important. There's a clashing of ideas, but it's a good clashing- it leads to better solutions"
"There is definitely a potential at Cocolevio for getting to do lots of different things when you're working here, because as the needs of our customers and our own business needs change, there's always that possibility that the nature of our work will change"
"It's awesome to get the chance to get my feet wet on a variety of projects, and it's cool that there's more of a process to the work"

Original sketch by Gwen.

What is cocolevio, anyway?

Cocolevio is a children’s tag game which originated in New York City, similar to ringolevio. The roots of the game go back centuries, but in the early and mid-twentieth century the familiar cries of "One-two-three, one-two-three, one-two-three" could be heard on the streets of Brooklyn, announcing a triumphant capture from the opposing side.

Cocolevio games could take hours without breaks, demanding a high level of attentiveness, adaptability, strategy, and precise tactics as two teams battled to win. The Cocolevio name is a playful nod to our belief that business choices made in this spirit of flexibility and attention to detail will lead the next wave of modern technology investments.

Cocolevio founder Nnamdi Orakwue grew up in Brooklyn, New York, playing cocolevio.

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