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Cocolevio is celebrating 5 years of helping clients transform and generate ROI through modern technology solutions.

Our Offerings


Assess, pivot, and grow with a trusted advisor.
Cocolevio will pinpoint the right technology and architecture to reach your business goals.


Find the value in every piece of data.
From developing actionable insights to monetization opportunities, Cocolevio understands the challenges and the possibilities.


Boost the impact of your design investment.
Cocolevio will help optimize and transform your end user’s experience.


Future-proof your business.
Cocolevio will ensure you have the right technology in place to run your business, scale and digitally transform.

About Us

Every client faces unique business challenges. Cocolevio leverages our experienced and diverse team coupled with modern technology like cloud, big data, artificial intelligence and IoT to meet your business needs. We pride ourselves on our platform-agnostic approach, tailoring custom solutions and tools to achieve the best client outcome.

Pivot, Disrupt,
& Thrive

We have learned three very important things working with hundreds of motivated clients attempting to solve business challenges and remain competitive while modernizing away from legacy technology.

Your Industry Matters

Regardless of size, customer set, products or services offered, some business challenges are universal. There are, however, common goals and problems uniquely faced by common industry participants. Cocolevio’s experience ranges from small business to large enterprise clients across verticals. This means we can identify, consider and address the nuances that come with your business model in our solution design. Learn more about tailored customer solutions here.

Your Data Is Everything

Whether you seek to leverage cloud technology, AI, IoT or Big Data, every transformation requires a data strategy. Capturing, wrangling, normalizing, migrating, storing, understanding and even destroying data are typically time-consuming and labor intensive. Both the operational efficiencies and the insights an organization can gain from executing these correctly, however, are invaluable.

Your Return On Investment Is Critical

Modernization costs money. Period. So, getting a return on that investment to drive additional business growth is important. Cocolevio will help assess your current state and develop a comprehensive technology strategy and business case that maximizes your existing investments and ensures compelling returns on your new ones.

Our Clients

At Cocolevio, we have a demonstrated track record of developing innovative solutions across a broad set of industries. From small or medium businesses to large, complex organizations, we offer a strategic mix of consulting, enterprise architecture and software & application development to meet your business needs.


Cocoleivo believes deeply in the power of diverse people and approaches and the value they bring to our organization and our clients. Interested in joining the team?

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