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Our Services

Technical Staffing

Cocolevio has helped organizations fill very technical niche, technology-related roles that have been difficult to fill with a focus on diversity.

Leading IT Staff Augmentation Company

How We Work

Cocolevio's expert team handles the administrative aspects of hiring and resource management so you can focus on your team's core technical and operational responsibilities. We partner with our clients to create custom hiring and onboarding processes aligned to their security and operational needs.

Full Cycle Recruitment

Whether you have specific technical, niche or operational roles to fill, Cocolevio can hire and employ team members to augment the capacity of your organization on a short or long term basis. Our recruiting and Human Resources team have experience onboarding and recruiting for developers, cloud architects, help desk support roles, break fix technicians, QA testers, and communication specialists for our clients.

Leading HR Consulting Firms

Our Approach

We evaluate your requirements and determine the suitable technical staff augmentation model for your organization.

Our Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering staff augmentation, understanding when it is most appropriate is critical. We carefully assess your business requirements to help you

  • Bridge the gap between meeting current capacity needs from new operations and building out a permanent team & structure.
  • Meet temporary operating capacity spikes related to projects, seasonality, customer demand increases, etc.
  • Temporarily leverage a specialized skill set that is not currently possessed in-house.
  • Meet particular business, financial or strategic goals (e.g., time to market).

As a top HR consulting firm, we provide continuous support for the entire duration of the project. This includes assistance with project planning, technological implementation, decision-making, and troubleshooting.

We share the rate cards with your team when you contact us for your project. The type of service, project duration, and skill level of IT professionals are some key factors that affect the overall cost of staff augmentation.

You can use our services to hire the top talent of project managers, software developers, database administrators, network engineers, cybersecurity professionals, and other IT experts for your project.
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