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Big Data Services

Make informed business decisions for your company's growth with our insightful big data services.

Big Data Consultants

Big Data Consultants

Our team of Big Data experts is committed to finding the right solutions for your business needs. We offer data collection, storage, analysis, predictive analytics, and reporting to provide you with the best possible support to ensure data security and compliance.

Advanced Big Data Analytics

We empower your business with Big Data analytics to assist you in gaining valuable insights about customer behavior, improving product development and supply chain management, optimizing marketing campaigns, reducing costs, and identifying new growth opportunities.

Advanced Big Data Analytics

Our Approach

We use robust Big Data frameworks to ensure simple and reliable access to your data and analytics at all times.

Our Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

Using Big Data analytics, your company can improve customer relations, optimize marketing and promotions, and achieve higher ROIs in all aspects of the business.

Big Data as a Service (BDaas) uses a cloud network to provide software, infrastructure, and data storage and analytics platforms.

Despite its popularity, Hadoop can be an expensive tool for small and medium businesses. At Cocolevio, our experts are versed with technologies such as Apache Spark, HPCC, and NoSQL as cost-effective and high-value alternatives to Hadoop.

Our Big Data services encompass warehousing, analytics, visualization, quality management, security, and support.

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