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Aug 31, 2021, 8:07am CDT COCOLEVIO Nnamdi Orakwue is co-founder and CEO of Cocolevio, an Austin startup that competes with the likes of Accenture. Besides some small debt-financing rounds, Cocolevio LLC has been bootstrapped since the day CEO Nnamdi Orakwue co-founded the software and technology services company in November 2015. The startup — which helpsRead More..

With the rollout of the various COVID-19 vaccines in the US, the whole country has been able to take a collective sigh of relief as the end of the pandemic becomes conceivable.  While the pressure has been relieved somewhat, the pandemic is surely not over. Because of this, being vigilant about health practices in theRead More..

In a time when there is so much emphasis on diversity and equity, certifying your diverse business is an important step to getting it the recognition it deserves and gaining valuable funding. Businesses that are woman, veteran, and/or minority owned statistically tend to receive fewer investments and loans. According to a study conducted by theRead More..

Our objective in this notebook is to predict the mpg of a car, given specifications such as weight, cylinder count, etc. 1. Background 1. 1 Purpose The automotive industry is extremely competitive. With increasing fuel prices and picky consumers, automobile makers are constantly optimizing their processes to increase fuel efficiency. But, what if you couldRead More..

The purpose of this notebook is to create a model that identifies prospective clients, which in this dataset are the customers that have subscribed to a particular term deposit product. Table of Contents Data ingestion Exploratory Data Analysis Data preprocessing Model Training Model Testing Conclusion Credits 1. Data Ingestion 1.1 Introduction The purpose of thisRead More..

Our objective in this notebook is to detect whether or not a credit card transaction is fraudulent, given parameters such as the time between transactions, transaction amount, and some obfuscated columns. Table of Contents Background Data ingestion Data preprocessing Exploratory Data Analysis Model Training Testing the Model Conclusion Credits Background Purpose: If you work at aRead More..

Security solutions, AI, and added IT capacity are among the many services Cocolevio can provide your organization As we grapple with the reality of the global pandemic coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we’ve been forced into an odd new normal that affects every aspect of our daily lives from the way we socialize to how we workRead More..

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