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Risk Management – A Current Problem for Banks Risk (mis)management is at the core of the recent turmoil in the financial markets. These issues started with US regulators seizing Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). According to Michael Barr, Fed official and US top banking regulator, “SVB’s failure is a textbook case of mismanagement.” (1) Similarly, MarkRead More..

In today’s job market, the risks of making hiring decisions based on proxy or fake candidates have become a significant concern for many companies. Hiring employees based on misleading information can lead to various negative consequences for the organization. These risks include decreased productivity, damage to the company’s reputation, potential legal issues, and more. InRead More..

The tremendous benefits of cloud migration have more and more businesses convinced to move their data and assets to the cloud. But a crucial part of this move is cloud security. And practical measures help companies cut risks and maintain the integrity, privacy, and availability of their cloud assets. Moving organizational assets to the cloudRead More..

Cloud technology has revolutionized the way businesses operate. Small and large enterprises use cloud architecture to improve accessibility, increase data security, and streamline workflows.  What is Cloud Migration?   Cloud migration moves data, applications, workflows, and other assets from an on-premise to a cloud-based infrastructure.    In a cloud environment, businesses enjoy software, storage, and IT resourcesRead More..

Digital adoption has transformed not only how we communicate with our family, co-workers, and community but also how we avail critical services to support our well-being. Healthcare messaging apps have helped millions across the globe get medical care that would not have been otherwise accessible to them. Healthcare messaging apps are shaping the future ofRead More..

Currently, there are over 1.76 million veteran-owned enterprises in the United States, generating around $1 trillion in annual sales for the economy. When you consider the ever-increasing demand for products and services offered by veteran-run businesses, these numbers will only grow further in 2023.   Having said that, the main challenge for such companies isRead More..

What Is Workflow Automation? Workflow automation enables business processes to run entirely without human involvement other than when it is necessary. It invokes tasks at specific points in any given process using rule-based logic and capabilities from artificial intelligence (AI). Five or more automated divisions are present in more than one-third of businesses. It isRead More..

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) refers to contracting specific operations, or an entire division, to specialized third-party service providers. This kind of workflow delegation or sub-contracting helps enterprises manage their businesses efficiently and encourages them to take on larger projects without facing outrageous incremental costs. Global outsourcing has become a norm now, with a promising projectedRead More..

When it comes to cloud infrastructure, there are four essential components to it, namely, computing, networking, storage, and User Interface (UI access to on-cloud resources). All of these collaborate to form complex cloud solutions for enterprises. Cloud services help organizations tackle the most challenging architecture, implementation, and operation requirements of their cloud-based applications, products, andRead More..

Usually, small businesses start their exploration of the digital space with the motivation of opening engagement channels with their existing customer base and subsequently expanding to newer markets. But after seeing the ROIs and incremental turnovers churned out from their digital advertising campaigns, it certainly gets hard for them to overlook this medium as theRead More..

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