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LIMS is your one stop for point-in-time medical student data, wellness, and key analytical insights

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Medical schools’ unique educational path
demands unique solutions to manage students
and curriculum.

Cocolevio's Learning Information Management System (LIMS) is
a centralized, platform-agnostic, and modern cloud machine
learning solution for medical faculty, administrators and deans
with one centralized dashboard for all their students.

The solution is designed to holistically integrate and manage learner information.

Keep Track
of Everything

We help provide you with real time
student data so you can focus on
the important things.


Stay on top of student compliance for courses, clinics, programs and everything in between.


Academic evaluations, grade reports, and analysis can all be found in one place.

& Departments

Manage course creation and enrollment for all of your students.

Architected by people

who understand the needs

Our web based application was designed by people who work in the
medical education field every day. People who understand exactly what
you and your students need to succeed. LIMS resolves legacy system
integration issues with programs like Banner, One45, and Canvas to
help you accomplish your goals without vendor lock-in.

Developed within the platform are insightful
machine learning tools that provide key wellness
indicators for student’s mental and emotional
health. Allowing administrators to make more
comprehensive data-driven decisions and take
meaningful steps to ensure student success.

Cocolevio's LIMS takes a platform-agnostic
approach to support medical learners on the
continuum of their education by consolidating
critical data from disparate legacy systems to
provide standardized real-time information.

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