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Must-have Features of a Highly Effective Medical College/University Software / LIMS

Gone are those days when medical universities managed all their data manually in their systems or using multiple software.

In a rapidly growing era, keeping yourself updated with technology and changing your old working systems is necessary.

Managing a university can be extremely challenging without the right kind of LIMS / Learner information management software.

Medical professionals, schools, and university administrators use software to plan, organize, control, and execute their work. Also, to perform daily operations quickly and smoothly.

5 Features to Expect in a Medical School (LIMS)/ Learner Information Management System

1) Portfolios

A place where students can create resumes for themselves.

This portfolio section shows a collection of all the work and extracurricular activities a student has done apart from their regular studies.

Most of the students do jobs during summers, and some even volunteer work, so all of this helps them build their resumes which will eventually be beneficial in the future as to where they would want to go.

You know that a good resume includes not only academic performance but also extracurricular activities, other experiences, etc.

So, all this information is gathered in a single place in a portfolio section.


2) Course Curriculum

When are the courses offered? The schedule of the classes? The number of courses that a particular student has taken?

This information should be notified beforehand.

Students take so many courses each year, making sure that their two courses should not be conducted simultaneously.

Some students also have a tight schedule due to work, and they do not attend every class.

So they take courses when they please, plan their calendar, and complete them accordingly.

Therefore, a course curriculum is absolutely essential as it helps the student make proper plans.


3) MSPE Builder

Medical Student Performance Evaluation is a letter given to all students in their final year. In which honest feedback of a student and their academic performance, other experiences, attributes, etc. are stated in brief.

This letter is a crucial document for students enrolling in a residency program.

The MSPE letter must be designed in a fixed format abiding by the rules and regulations stated by the AAMC.

Now, the point is, manually making this letter for students takes too much time, along with an extensive team working on it.

But with the help of advanced LIMS Learning information management software, you can generate MSPE letters with just a click.

Isn’t it amazing?

It saves so much time and energy.

Not just this, but you can also generate as many letters as you want to in 1 click.

Most of the software out there does not have this feature, but Cocolevio’s Learning Information Management System (LIMS) provides this feature.


Suggested reading: How Medical Institutions Generate MSPE Letters


4) Academic Performance

Keeping data on the students’ academic performance, grade reports, and other activities and then analyzing it can be done in one place.

Making report cards for every student is a time-consuming and a tedious task.

A report card is an important document of a student’s performance in an academic year.

Carefully filling the correct marks, grades, attendance, etc. is necessary, but if it is done manually, it can be way too challenging for the administration,

In management systems, teachers can efficiently perform the process of making report cards with the help of a database.

The already existing information (attendance, grades, etc.) about the student in the system helps to generate the report card automatically.

After generating the report card, teachers can review and have a glance at it and then approve it. Eventually, making it available to students.


5) Wellness Program

According to research published in JAMA, 27.2% of medical students reported depressive symptoms, and about 11% of the students reported suicide ideation.

Suicide among students has always been a concern in the US. The medical students are also vulnerable in this case.

To prevent suicides and mental suffering of students, some management software has developed a wellness program.

This wellness program helps manage and track their students’ physical and mental health.

This also assists the students in their emotional health.

But now you might be wondering,

How will the software track wellness?

The teacher conducts some of the activities and asks students to engage. Activities like cycling, swimming, playing in a group, etc.

It is not mandatory to participate in the activities but is always recommended because students who actively participate have a low chance of getting depressed.

After this, with the help of the right learner information management software, they track how many students did not participate and

How well the students who participated performed.

Next, the AI generates a series of questions asking the students.

Examples of some questions:

  • How do they feel?
  • What activities do they get involved in?
  • How is their mood?

Then all this data from the survey is pulled by the management software.

According to their criteria, if a student responds in a way and considers him/her at a risk by seeing the data.

Then this system sends an alert to students who show signs of stress and also alerts their advisor that they need to meet with them.

It also sends automated texts to students who do not perform well in class.

Texts to make the students feel better and not trouble themselves in such situations.

For example, suppose an intelligent student in the class performs really badly in one of the subjects.

In that case, the AI will send a text saying, “It’s completely okay, you have enough time to prepare for your next exam, you can do much better than this, this is not your failure, etc, etc.”

Conclusion: Managing a medical school or university can be hectic.

Still, with the help of a modern LIMS – learner information management software, it can save time and help you manage your medical school/university effectively and efficiently.

So, these are the essential features of medical school management software that make the work of administration personnel of schools and universities effortless.

Cocolevio’s LIMS offers all such features. Not only this, but it also integrates data from other systems and provides standardized real-time information in a single unified dashboard.

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