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Supercharge your recruiting process with our artificial intelligence powered recruiter assistant, revolutionizing candidate evaluation and streamlining hiring decisions for your recruiting team.

Advanced AI Recruiting Software

Revolutionize Your Hiring Process with LEVI: The Ultimate AI-Driven Recruitment Solution

Experience the future of recruitment with LEVI, our game-changing artificial intelligence powered platform. As a one-stop solution, LEVI effortlessly accepts, assesses, and reports on candidates' application documents. And for selected candidates , it provides the opportunity to consent to automated interviews. LEVI's advanced capabilities perform, transcribe, report on, and securely store interviews, enabling your recruiting team to make data-driven decisions and streamline the hiring process like never before. Embrace the power of artificial intelligence and elevate your recruitment strategy with LEVI.

Innovative AI Hiring Tool

Harness the power of innovative artificial intelligence hiring tools integrated with LEVI, our advanced recruitment solution. From automated resume screening and analysis to artificial intelligence-driven interview assessments, these tools revolutionize the way you evaluate candidates, enabling data-driven hiring decisions and unlocking new levels of efficiency in the hiring process.

Innovative AI Hiring Tools

How Does it Work?

Our artificial intelligence recruiting software automates the hiring process for your business.

Data Gathering
Our artificial intelligence powered system collects and analyzes relevant data, including job descriptions, resumes, and company bios.
Candidate Matching
Using advanced algorithms, the system matches candidates to job requirements based on their skills, experience, and qualifications.
AI-Driven Interviews
Leveraging the trained data, our artificial intelligence conducts interviews with candidates, evaluating their responses against job-specific criteria.
Performance Analysis
The system assesses and analyzes candidate performance during interviews, considering factors such as communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fit.
Reporting and Recommendations
Detailed reports are generated, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.
Streamlined Decision Making
With comprehensive data and insights at your fingertips, recruitment automation empowers your team to make informed and efficient hiring decisions.
Seamless Integration
The recruitment automation process seamlessly integrates with your existing hiring workflows and systems, ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced efficiency.
Continuous Learning and Improvement
As the artificial intelligence system gathers more data and interacts with candidates, it continuously learns and improves its performance, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of the recruitment process over time.

Recruitment Automation

LEVI automates tasks from start to end of the recruitment process.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have built LEVI to guide your business toward the future of recruitment. Using our artificial intelligence recruiting platform, you can simplify collecting, assessing, and reporting for candidate applications and documents. Plus, LEVI's advanced capabilities securely store and process interviews, allowing your recruiting team to streamline the hiring process with data-backed decisions.

Yes. Whether you are a small organization or a large enterprise, LEVI will enhance the productivity of your HR team with it powerful assessment, interview, and reporting tools.

Unlike its competition, LEVI is an all-in-one artificial intelligence recruiting software that does everything. From sourcing candidates to conducting interviews, assessing candidate performance, and providing insightful data, LEVI simplifies each aspect of hiring. And with artificial intelligence at its core, it can automate these tasks, simplifying the process and lightening the load for recruiters.

When using artificial intelligence for hiring, businesses should consider that the recruiting software provides data privacy and security, adheres to employment laws, maintains transparency with the applications, and meets Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance guidelines.

That said, LEVI is designed to be accurate, unbiased, compliant, and reliable. In addition, our artificial intelligence experts will ensure that your implementation of LEVI meets the legal requirements of your market and industry.

Whether you want to incorporate LEVI in your existing setup or migrate to our solution, we make it easy for you. LEVI is fully compatible with leading ATS platforms, email automation programs, communication tools, and more.

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