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Learn how LIMS can make your college administrators’ life easier

 Is your college using generic software for handling documentation and other management tasks?

Do you have an old legacy software infrastructure that does not integrate well with today’s external platforms?

You are concerned about the overall mental health of your students and would like to explore a solution that has wellness monitoring features?

Is your college looking to cut down expenditure on routine tasks like MSPE generation and simplify your manual processes? 

If you are a decision maker at a medical university, facing one or more of these concerns, you have come to the right place. Let’s explore how Cocolevion’s LIMS software can ease off your burden on all these accounts. 


What is LIMS? 

Learner Information Management Software (LIMS) is one of the most preferred medical college management systems available in the market. It comes with an extensive features list and advanced modules that not only elevate the quality of work-life of college administrators but also help bring the entire campus operations under a single umbrella software. 


Features that make LIMS an easy-to-adopt platform for medical universities: 

LIMS is a 100% web-based medical school management system, offering amazing usability features that can be integrated with legacy systems (like Banner, One45, and Canvas) seamlessly. It comes with highly customizable applications that help centralize and standardize school records and processes efficiently. 

  • A device-neutral system that operates securely on Cloud
  • Administrators don’t need to install separate software for access
  • Colleges can customize this software to streamline routine operations
  • The LIMS dashboard gives a user-friendly, personalized interface 
  • Modules that smoothen complicated tasks like reporting, wellness tracking, and MSPE generation
  • Colleges get access to detailed product orientation and 24×7 troubleshooting support

LIMS, a specialized medical college management software

Wondering how investing in LIMS, a specialized medical college management software is better than opting for a generic campus management system? 

Well, the answer is simple – your campus administrators need a software platform that understands (and meets) the unique requirements & challenges of medical establishments. The processes of student admissions, performance evaluations, and multi-level coordination (student- faculty- staff) in medical colleges are very different from those of regular colleges.  

Here are some powerful features of LIMS that’ll force you to reassess your current tech infrastructure and give you compelling reasons to migrate to LIMS immediately!

Robust documentation management system 


Bulk MSPE generation & customization module 


A comprehensive wellness tracking module 


A comprehensive student portfolio management system 


Efficient curriculum mapping & student scheduling modules 


Built-in reporting tools for data-driven decision making 


One-click access to student evaluations & exam administration schedules  Streamlined digital assessment processes – both clinical and didactic 


Ease of assigning data permissions to administrators, faculty,  and students 



By adopting LIMS, college administrators can perform their routine tasks in the most time-saving and efficient manner. Some of the best ways college staff can use LIMS to ease their daily lives are: 

Ease of maintaining comprehensive portfolios – Through LIMS’ portfolio module, college administrators can upload multiple student and faculty portfolios at the same time. When it comes to student portfolios, all repository information about students’ backgrounds, documentation, performance, and achievements can be collated and managed on the LIMS platform. Such student information management systems are used for many purposes, such as timely campus communications, campus activity scheduling, getting student feedback, facilitating career planning, and getting data-backed reports on students’ wellness quotients. 

In short, medical colleges can use portfolio data to track students’ progress and regulate campus activities efficiently. 

Advanced search feature for assessments & reporting LIMS allows for detailed, real-time analytics on students’ performance. Administrators can use the custom search feature to derive the required data, based on various sets of filters. They can also compare refined data points of two groups and visualize the results in graph formats. As all data keeps revising dynamically, reports can be refreshed based on updated information. What more? Such reports can be accessed instantly from the single-view dashboard! LIMS, being a device-agnostic Cloud platform, all data processing tasks can be performed by staff from anywhere and on any device. 

Timely campus communications – Did you know that as per the Salesforce Connected Students report 2021, nearly 60% of students say the gap between students and college leadership is due to a lack of consistent communication; 53% of staff concur with that. 


To bridge this gap, colleges can benefit hugely by using the full-scale communication modules of LIMS.  

  • Medical college administrators can easily send bulk emails and messages to students and faculty members. 
  • They can keep campus members abreast with routine activities such as upcoming events, deadlines, class schedules, exams, assessments, fee payment reminders, and student mental health support information. 
  • Administrators can further post notifications for LIMS users on the online notice/message boards. 
  • Medical schools can customize messaging and form fields within emails to cater to a specific audience set.  

And much more! 

Secure data access & permissions – Through the LIMS system, college administrators get the flexibility of sharing student portfolios with specific faculty members or assigning roles to various campus members.  

Leadership or authorized stakeholders can access other users’ relationships (learners, faculty members, and administrators) and know the level of data access everyone has. They can also easily change the permission status of any user. LIMS’ learning information management software offers portfolio data control of the entire campus from one location! 

Instant retrieval of previous academic year data – Data inputted into LIMS is configured into the system and gets stored in Cloud with the highest security standards. So, if any kind of information requirement arises in the future – for reporting, review, or communication purposes – all legacy data can be easily accessed by administrators instantly. They can print or export them (PDF or Excel) at their convenience. 

LIMS - Medical School System

Consolidation of information from multiple sources – Colleges often conduct student welfare programs that require acquisition and dissemination of large amounts of data. These data points can be in the form of student participation confirmation, mindset surveys, feedback polls, and self-reported student inputs. As LIMS is a highly customizable software, medical institutes can easily bring together varied data points to create a consolidated data repository. 

Now that we have discussed the phenomenal features, utilities, and benefits of adopting Cocolevio’s LIMS, maybe it’s time you consider upgrading your medical school’s digital ecosystem. To try the best learner management software in the market – visit www.cocolevio.com/lims to learn more or contact our sales rep at (512) 222-5730 for a detailed product demo. 

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