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Cloud Migration

How A Cloud Migration Consulting Company Can Transform Your Business?

90% of cybersecurity experts and 75% of enterprises consider cloud security their top concern!

Since its inception, cloud computing has revolutionized how we access tools, files, and documents online. From businesses to freelancers, everyone is using cloud computing services. The reason behind their usage is flexibility and cost-effectiveness. 87% of companies had sped up their cloud migration process after the hit of the covid-19 pandemic because of the introduction of remote work.

This sudden shift toward remote operations has made companies adopt cloud platforms for accessing real-time data and other operations. Though, the numbers are quite evident that cloud technology will only grow in the coming years. However, the process is more complex!

So are you migrating your architecture toward the cloud? If yes, then taking help from cloud migration consulting is the right thing to do!

What Does Cloud Migration Consulting Do?

According to LogicMonitor, 95% of the work will be migrated to the cloud in the next five years. So why do you stay behind in the cloud league? But before migrating to the cloud, you should know what it is.

Cloud migration is the complete or partial deployment of all an enterprise’s resources, data, Digital assets, and services on the cloud. It also includes a merger of remote cloud infrastructure with on-site infrastructure. After migrating your data, you can easily access your data anywhere and anytime with the help of the internet.

A cloud migration consulting company is a service provider that helps you migrate your data and tools from physical infrastructure to the cloud. The services help reduce physical resource requirements and ultimately increase the company’s productivity.

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Why Cloud Migration Is The Best Decision For Your Company?

87% of the companies have implemented a hybrid cloud strategy. Though, 93% of the companies have implemented a multi-cloud approach.

But why are all these companies implementing the cloud in their operations? Why is the cloud preferred over traditional methods? Should you also like cloud migration for your business? These are some questions that every business asks before migrating to the cloud.

Migrating your data to the cloud has the following advantages:

  • It increases the scalability of your business.
  • Cloud migration also allows you to automate software updation.
  • Your infrastructure cost is decreased with all your data present over the cloud.
  • Cloud computing reduces the deployment time and increases the market time.
  • It is more secure than traditional methods.

How Can Cloud Migration Consulting Help You?

You are not just choosing a cloud company. You are choosing their experiences, perspectives, and relationships with top vendors!  

As per a report by BCG, a company can save up to 40% of the cost by incorporating the cloud into its operations. 

But the question remains: How will you migrate the data to the cloud? The answer to this is through a cloud migration consulting company.

Manage the New Level of Complexity

Changing your company’s current infrastructure and working on new software, services, or products may only be accepted by some employees. Therefore, this change should be appropriately managed and should be strategic enough. In this case, hiring a cloud migration consulting company can significantly help.

You can take Cocolevio’s consulting services before migrating your data to the cloud. Cocolevio has a team of experienced professionals who have been in the industry for a long time and are well-versed in cloud computing.

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Prepare a Roadmap and Migration Plan

Without a proper plan and strategy, the transition process may look like chaos and be something you didn’t expect. Therefore, having an appropriate roadmap for the entire process is very important.

A cloud computing consulting company can help you with the proper roadmap per your business’s requirements. Moreover, prioritize data security while addressing performance concerns when creating a roadmap for cloud migration. Other than this, also remember that it should correctly incorporate the toolset.

Changing the Delivery Methods

Most businesses refrain from migrating to the cloud because they will need more downtime.

However, a tightly-controlled and robust governance approach can help you carry out your usual business activities simultaneously with cloud migration. It may include deleting the data centers. All this is achievable with the help of a cloud migration consulting company.

Design a Modern Strategy

The main reason for migrating to the cloud is to leverage advanced solutions which benefit the company and its users. Cloud-based companies can use multiple software-as-a-service models. However, finding the talent to maintain the cloud after migration must not be underestimated.

This is why a cloud migration consulting company can help you ease the work. It will provide you with a team of certified professionals to help your firm market more quickly.

Modifying Your Data as per Requirements

You must harness and analyze your data in real time to position your company in the market. Not only this, there should be high-level accuracy as well. When it comes to cloud solutions, they are more scalable and secure. It offers a reliable and fastest path to transforming enterprise data.

Therefore, choose the right cloud migration consulting company so that you can transform your data.

What Services Does A Cloud Migration Consulting Offer?

Cloud services define agility, resilience, uptime, and high performance!

Most companies advise you to manage your data on the cloud using Amazon Web Services, as it offers ready-to-implement data solutions.

Here is a list of all the services that a cloud computing company provides you:

Pro Tip: With Data Cloud Management, you can also correctly streamline your data. It gives the feature of integrating multiple data streams and accessing them efficiently.

Key Takeaways

Cloud computing is the present and the future to look for! Every firm migrates its data to the cloud to manage operations and data more efficiently.

However, the process could be more transparent, especially regarding keeping up with the change. This is where Cloud migration consulting companies come into play.

From carrying out efficient processes to delivering value to transforming your business, cloud consulting companies aim to facilitate enterprises too!

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