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How And Where to Find Best Tech Talent?

One of the business’s most significant challenges is finding and hiring the best tech talent at affordable rates.

Attracting and retaining top tech talent in today’s marketplace is challenging and characterized by significant competition within the software development industry.

This article outlines how to find and connect with talented professionals on-demand and procure the best tech talent for any business needs.

Over 90% of the world’s data is created in the past few years.

This indicates how much users rely on the internet. Most companies have now incorporated technology into their operations. This has increased the demand for tech talents in firms.

However, skilled and talented workers are more challenging to get. An employer will have to make an extra effort to find the best tech talent for their firm.

But where should one look for the best tech talents, and how to choose suitable candidates?

Well, certain modifications in your recruitment process and some extra effort can give you the reward of the best talent.

But for that, you have to make a move first. This move can be in the form of tips or strategies you can implement to get the best talent.

Strategies to Find the Best Tech Talent

It is about hiring the best people and giving the right direction to young talent’s careers. The company is responsible for making the proposition more compelling.

For instance, if you are hiring a graduate, they may want to see their future in the job that you are offering. As a leader, you must provide unbiased mentoring and training and include them in real-life projects.

Maintain transparency about their role

Tell the employees about their role in the firm. Being clear to the employees about their roles and responsibilities gives them a clearer picture of their position and importance in the company.

Try to make your employees understand why their role is important for the firm and their tasks are worth doing. Make sure that your employees are safe from missing out. You need to become their best motivator.

Be open to remote work

After the hit of the covid-19 pandemic, the working style of people has drastically changed. The new generation mainly prefers the trend of remote and hybrid work. Therefore, you must always be open to remote work as a company.

Remote or hybrid work opportunities can sometimes be the deciding factor for candidates. This is because some people may only like to work from home, and some may want to come to the office but less often.

Introduce a structured recruitment process

Most companies fail to hire the best tech talents as they follow the same traditional recruitment process. To hire the best people, it is important that you structure your whole recruitment process in the right way.

If you have difficulty structuring your recruitment process, you can also seek professional help from Cocolevio recruitment consulting services.

The team will help you create the best recruitment structure as per the needs of your organization and will help you choose the right candidate with their expertise.

Keeping the recruitment cycle short

One of the biggest concerns for professionals is the lengthy hiring process. With so many offers on their plate, long recruitment processes could be more comfortable for highly skilled professionals.

They need clarity as soon as possible. Therefore, to hire the best tech talent, it is crucial to keep your hiring process short or a maximum of up to 4 interview rounds. Also, remember to give an instant opinion and answer to the candidate after the interview.

Look for candidates in uncommon places

To find the best people, you have to make the best efforts. Look outside your common recruitment hubs to find the desired talent. Class talent can be found anywhere, but these days, recruitment is mostly about giving a chance to more passionate people.

Now that we are discussing unusual places to find the best tech talent let’s explore some platforms where you can find one.

Check out the following section to learn where to find the best tech talent.


Places to Find and Recruit Best Talents


For developers, GitHub is a cloud storage where they can store their codes and programs. You can also consider it as a dropbox for all the developers.

The platform allows you to label and share your code with other developers. Other people can also use the code developed and uploaded by you on the forum.

Also, the platform enables you to categorize the code under a particular programming language.

So, remember the position you are recruiting for and choose a project developer that attracts you.

As per 2020 reports, GitHub reported 40 million jobs.

However, you will also have to keep in mind that GitHub is not a professional network. Therefore, there are chances that the person you may choose is not looking for a job. You have to be smart in decision-making and approaching potential candidates.


AngelList is worth a try if you are looking to source tech talent!

It is one platform that you may not commonly use to hire people. Angel investors generally use this platform to look for companies they can invest in worldwide.

However, the reality of the platform is a bit different. Every tech-savvy person has now enrolled on the platform. Moreover, you may also find many startups on this platform searching for acquisitions, partnerships, and more.


Stack overflow is the largest Q&A platform for developers and coders with more than 10 million users!

The platform allows its members to use it as a forum and get answers to their technical questions.

Moreover, the platform also considers some competition and allows you to upvote or downvote your favorite answers and questions.

A high number of followers are generally considered more efficient coders and developers. Such people are most likely to be more well-versed in technical concepts.


LinkedIn is the best way to connect people and hire them!

LinkedIn is also used to post jobs and find talent like any other recruitment platform. You can post jobs and apply for the jobs that you like. You can also reach out to candidates directly if you want their profiles.

Other than these places, there are different ways to find the best tech talent. Let’s check them out too.

Add A Career Page To Your Website

Let people directly apply for a job on your website!

Adding a career page to your official website is one way to hire the best tech talent. On the career page, you can post all the new job listings and receive resumes from serious and suitable candidates.

Listing on Job Aggregator Portals

Post jobs on multiple portals to reach out to more people!

Multiple job portals are available where you can list a recent company opening and invite candidates’ applications. Some outlets may also allow you to add extra questions in the application forms for more advanced screening.

Ask For Employee References

Take help from your employees to find the best tech talent for your company!

Who would know about your company’s requirements more than your employees? So, let your employees find the best talent for your company.

Ask for their references, screen those candidates, and ensure that they are fit for your firm or not.

In Conclusion

Recruiting and hiring individuals who are dedicated to working towards your goals is crucial!

  • With that said, finding an employee for your firm is easy, but finding one that works towards the growth of your business is challenging.
  • Therefore, to find the best candidate, you must make extra efforts.
  • Moreover, finding one has become the need of the hour and a bit tricky when it comes to tech talent.
  • The advancement of technology also implies a need to upgrade, and a talented tech expert can only help you with it.
  • Next, look for tech talent on multiple platforms, including the one you may think needs to be more apparent.
  • Ensure a more structured and appropriate recruitment process is implemented to hire the right talent.
  • Feeling time-pressured, out of control, and trying to figure out where to start looking for the best tech talent? Don’t get stressed out by the tedious hiring process.

After years of working with hundreds of businesses and talking to thousands more, we know what it takes to find the best tech talent. Our expert staff augmentation services help businesses like yours find talent gaps in your organization. Get started with us today!

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