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4 Ways Cocolevio Can Help Your Business Survive Coronavirus

Security solutions, AI, and added IT capacity are among the many services Cocolevio can provide your organization

As we grapple with the reality of the global pandemic coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we’ve been forced into an odd new normal that affects every aspect of our daily lives from the way we socialize to how we work to the availability of basic necessities. 

With the closing of schools, the cancellation of major sporting and entertainment events, and travel grinding to a halt, the coronavirus has changed the way we do life and interact with one another. This shift in culture has increased our dependency on technology to communicate, stay connected, work and be entertained. It has also made industries and individuals more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

As we enter the third week of the official declaration of this global pandemic, let’s take a moment to examine the various ways in which our cutting edge technological offerings can help to support and fortify our new way of life for industry and individuals during this unprecedented era.

  1. Working remotely causes strain on IT—and challenges work-from-home culture. Fortune magazine reports the unprecedented amount of stress that remote work has placed on internal IT teams. 

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  1. Software Identifies Coronavirus Patterns in Health Records. Some healthcare IT vendors are updating their software to better identify patterns and potential signs of trouble. Both Athenahealth and Meditech released new guidance, testing orders and screening questions within their respective EHR software. “The technology and tools really help get information out to patients and providers more quickly,”says Dr. Ray Costantini, co-founder and CEO of Bright.md, a virtual care platform. (Health Tech Magazine, 5 Ways Healthcare Tech is Helpting Tackle Coronavirus). 

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  1. Phishing scams, spam spike as hackers use coronavirus to prey on remote workers, stressed IT systems. In this news update, CNBC highlights the need for increased cybersecurity given the vulnerability created by the increase of high level employees working from home.

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  1. Chatbots Help Ease Patient Fears About Coronavirus and Minimize Unnecessary Hospital visits. Several healthcare companies have updated their algorithms to create chatbots that help screen users for the virus before they visit a hospital or clinic. The idea is to help patients identify the symptoms earlier and reduce unnecessary visits. 

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