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Although business registrations are not mandatory for a start-up organisation, it is a smart choice for entrepreneurs, as certification will help to establish a competitive advantage and help the entrepreneur stand out from his peers.  Certification will help a business to build trust and pave the way for immense opportunities. A certified business will haveRead More..

A minority-owned business certification has lots of perks as it opens up a gateway to immense opportunities such as local, state, federal, and corporate contracts.  Corporations and governments spend the right proportion of their contract budget to support minority-owned businesses. It ensures that all communities can do proper business in the United States.  To getRead More..

In a time when there is so much emphasis on diversity and equity, certifying your diverse business is an important step to getting it the recognition it deserves and gaining valuable funding. Businesses that are woman, veteran, and/or minority owned statistically tend to receive fewer investments and loans. According to a study conducted by theRead More..

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