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When it comes to cloud infrastructure, there are four essential components to it, namely, computing, networking, storage, and User Interface (UI access to on-cloud resources). All of these collaborate together to form complex cloud solutions for enterprises. Basically, cloud services help organizations tackle the most challenging architecture, implementation, and operation requirements of their cloud-based applications,Read More..

When a company moves its data center and other operational capabilities to a cloud computing environment, it is referred to as cloud migration. It encompasses all business elements – database, IT resources, services, digital assets, and applications – that’re transferred to a cloud-based infrastructure. Most enterprises usually blend different types of cloud solutions to suitRead More..

By adopting digital transformation & automation, charity organizations are now able to deliver tremendous value, impact, and growth. Technology has seeped into every aspect of their workflows – from the way they interact with their members, volunteers, and benefactors, to how they manage their fundraising processes.   Today, non-profits and churches can achieve much more withRead More..

Artificial intelligence is the trending buzzword in the corporate sector that is helping businesses grow tremendously. Thanks to its incredible potential to draw accurate, reliable, and valuable data. Such a potential furnishes a company with meaningful insights based on which it can make essentially strategic business decisions.  It would not be a stretch to sayRead More..

Data has become the new oil and is the most valuable asset for any business today. In the past, data was collected and stored in silos within organizations, making it difficult to get a holistic view of the customer or understand trends and patterns. With the advent of big data, businesses now have access toRead More..

If you are still figuring out whether or not to migrate your business data to the cloud, you are lagging behind 90% of your competitors. Most of the big enterprises use multi-cloud functionality for businesses. Cloud adoption is one of the mainstream strategies for businesses. The majority of businesses are already on the cloud andRead More..

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