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Our Custom Design Services

Cocolevio’s UX/UI team can help you design with your end users in mind, positively impacting employee productivity, customer loyalty, ROI and brand reputation. From intuitive application interface development to responsive web design services, our designers work hand-in-hand with our developers and engineers to optimize both front end and back end functionality.

What do we offer?

Our Approach

Problem Solving Design

Got a seriously complex UI? Our customer research and design thinking inform all of our work. Let Cocolevio’s designers turn your complicated problem into an intuitive, simple solution.

Interactions Across Platforms

Cocolevio’s designers’ coding knowledge leads to optimized user engagement across multiple devices. We aim for responsive, mobile-friendly, fast-loading, and above all, easy to use.

Usability Testing & Site Analysis

Let Cocolevio Design conduct experience auditing, heuristic analysis and testing on your existing site, and show you how to optimize it for your customers.

Customer Retention, Rooted in Design

Today, customer experience is brand experience, and design is how you get there. It’s a fact that great design is a key factor in driving success for great companies. Today’s users are savvy enough that research shows:

  • A poorly designed site or application creates a lack of trust.
  • 50% of potential customers said even if they liked a business, the lack of a mobile-friendly site would drive them away.
  • 67% said they were more likely to order goods or services if a site was mobile-friendly.*

It is clear that having a thoughtful, cross-platform strategy with simple, intuitive, usable design is a must have. The market is too competitive to ignore it.

Let our team provide you with the end user experience support or custom web design services that will keep your customers happy and your business competitive.

*Google, Stirling Research, and SmithGeiger research study: thinkwithgoogle.com

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