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What Is Workflow Automation? Workflow automation enables business processes to run entirely without human involvement other than when it is actually necessary. It invokes tasks at certain points in any given process using rule-based logic and potentially provided capabilities from artificial intelligence (AI). Five or more automated divisions are present in more than one-third ofRead More..

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) refers to the contracting of specific operations of a business (or even an entire division) to specialized third-party service providers. This kind of workflow delegation or sub-contracting not only helps enterprises manage their businesses efficiently but also encourages them to take on larger projects, without facing outrageous incremental costs.  Global outsourcingRead More..

Keep an edge on your competitor with customized software! Custom software can be a tipping point to make or break a growing company. When it comes to innovation and operations, it’s an important aspect to give you an edge over your competitors. Let’s be honest, it is not possible with standard software! Hence, the customRead More..

Artificial intelligence is the trending buzzword in the corporate sector that is helping businesses grow tremendously. Thanks to its incredible potential to draw accurate, reliable, and valuable data. Such a potential furnishes a company with meaningful insights based on which it can make essentially strategic business decisions.  It would not be a stretch to sayRead More..

 Is your college using generic software for handling documentation and other management tasks? Do you have an old legacy software infrastructure that does not integrate well with today’s external platforms? You are concerned about the overall mental health of your students and would like to explore a solution that has wellness monitoring features? Is yourRead More..

90% of cybersecurity experts and 75% of enterprises consider cloud security as their top concern!  Since its inception, cloud computing has revolutionized the way we access tools, files, and documents on the internet.   From businesses to freelancers, everyone is using cloud computing services. The reason behind their usage is flexibility and cost-effectiveness.  87% of companiesRead More..

The upliftment of communities largely depends on govt and charitable programs; and in the current economic climate most Non-profits, world-over, are operating on shoestring budgets and limited human resources. Between fundraising, volunteer coordination, and sponsor management, Non-profit organizations end up with a lot of administrative tasks to juggle.   Keeping up with multi-directional coordination activitiesRead More..

With the rising competition to deliver uncompromising results, businesses today are investing in technology to power their decisions and choose solutions backed by big data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The forecasted annual growth rate of Artificial Intelligence in businesses between 2020 and 2027 is 33.2%. Well, AI seems to be a boon that’s notRead More..

Small business owners have a lot on their plates. They must focus on what they do best and outsource the rest to ensure success. This includes website design and development for their growing business.  Hiring an in-house website development team can be costly, so many small business owners turn to a website design company. IfRead More..

Boost your employee’s productivity and save time deploying workflow automation that uses rule-based logic to automate time-consuming manual work.  With the arrival of Covid-19, many businesses (both big and small) have succumbed to the magnitudinal impact of the pandemic, resulting in shutting down or temporary closure of operational activities. Reasons may include supply chain disruption,Read More..

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