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How Getting a Certification can Help your Women-owned Small Businesses Grow?

As per the female entrepreneurship statistics, women own up to 22.4% of small businesses!

Well, surely the numbers are low but are significant. Being a woman entrepreneur is not as easy as it seems.  

Things and rules are quite different when it comes to businesses owned by women. That is why most women choose not to run a business or not to get it certified if they have any business. 

This could be the biggest mistake one can make as a woman entrepreneur. Getting your women-owned small business certified can be beneficial for you to access new customers, reach out to better employees and even access government contracts. 

If you are still not certain if you need to get certification for your business or not, here are some reasons that help you understand its importance. Check out how getting a certification can help your women-owned small business grow. 

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Understanding Women-Owned Business 

Women are owning the corporate world and how! 

Generally, when someone is asked what is a women-owned business, a business run by women would be a literal answer to the question. However, the definition of a women-owned business somehow changes while talking about certifications. 

You will come across two types of women-owned business certifications. One of them is a women-owned small business certification and the other is a women’s business enterprise certification.  

However, for any kind of certification, it is not mandatory for women to solely own the business. But, they should at least manage, control and own 51% of it as well as the business owner should be a citizen of the US. 

Understand The Purpose Of Certification 

Increase your business visibility with the certification! 

Most people may think that getting a women-business certification implies providing them with some additional benefits over other businesses. Well, this is not what it is. 

The women-owned business certification is provided to open up all the opportunities for women business owners. This certification is no charity and is solely designed to give more visibility to businesses owned by women. 

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Through this certification, many government agencies and corporations can directly analyze and communicate with credible women-owned businesses. 

Benefits Of Getting A Certification For Women-Owned Businesses 

Get certified to get noticed! 

As we have mentioned, the primary reason to get a certification is to increase the visibility of your business. However, there are other reasons as well which can convince you that it is worth it to get a certification. Let’s check out some of the reasons. 

Appeal New Clients 

Getting your business certified helps you open doors for newer revenue streams! 

There are many businesses out there that seek women’s business partners. Getting your business certified can increase your chances of partnering with such businesses and finding out newer methods of generating revenue. 

Moreover, businesses have inclined more toward women-owned businesses since the federal government has announced to offer better tax incentives to businesses partnered with women business owners. 

Other than this, sometimes diverse and small businesses have also benefited their partners by adding some agile and innovative methods to take their business in the right direction. 

Reach Out To Experienced Employees 

Get in touch with more experienced and dedicated employees! 

Getting a certification not only opens up multiple business opportunities for you but also helps you reach out to dedicated and experienced employees. A certificate can help your business build its credibility which attracts many prospective employees to your firm. Moreover, it may also help you attract employees who want to work as female entrepreneurs. 

Access To Pieces Of training  

Train yourself and learn something new every day! 

A true entrepreneur learns every day. As a women business owner, the government and authorities give you an opportunity to learn the tactics and concepts of business. A certified business gives you access to multiple pieces of training, networking and industry research opportunities.  

Access To New Funding Opportunities 

Get certified to get rid of all the capital barriers! 

There is no doubt that loan procedures, funding rules and regulations are different for women-owned businesses. Most women business owners have to face issues when it comes to capital. The loans are not granted that easily and sometimes, women themselves are not confident enough to apply for loans. 

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However, this generally happens because most women are even not aware of what funding options are available for them. Whether it is about government grants or loans or private loans and grants, women are not aware of them. This is why certification is a must. Also, getting a certification makes all the difference in the process to get your loans approved. 

Access To New Markets 

Widen your work spectrum with a certification! 

A certification not only allows you to access new clients but also allows you to try more work sectors designed for small businesses. It simply allows you to work in multiple industries as per your expertise.  

Moreover, the US small business administration also launched a federal contracting program for women-owned businesses in 2011. The main objective of this program was to open more opportunities for such businesses in different sectors. It allows such businesses to submit contracts in multiple sectors. 

So, are you interested in getting your business certified? Do not forget to check the eligibility criteria first.  

With that said, let’s have a look at the eligibility criteria to get certified as a women-owned business. 

Eligibility To Get Certified As A Women-Owned Business 

Now that you are aware that there are two types of certifications that you can avail of. So, there are different eligibility criteria that you will have to fulfill. Let’s take a look at each of them. 

Eligibility Criteria For Women-Owned Small Business

  • Women should own, control and manage a minimum of 51% of the business. 
  • She should be a US citizen. 
  • If you are applying for a small business certification, the business must be small in terms of the primary industry according to the respective SBA guidelines. 

Eligibility Criteria For Women Business Enterprise  

  • Women should own, control and manage a minimum of 51% of the business. 
  • She should be a US citizen. 
  • You must be able to prove your fiscal responsibility through bank statements and tax returns. 
  • The enterprise must have the capability to succeed. 

These eligibility criteria can be confusing for new business owners. In that case, getting the help of a certification service is the right thing to do. You can choose the 58Joralemon certification service to simplify the process for you. Now you can reach out to more customers and increase visibility with the Cocolevio’s 58Jorelmon application.  

Key Takeaways 

Did you know?  It has been observed that 14% of women-owned businesses have only 11-50 employees! 

Well, such facts clearly explain that women-owned businesses are expanding but at a slower rate. This generally happens because of constraints and sometimes because of their will. 

However, if as a woman entrepreneur, you wish to rule the corporate world and convert the constraints to your benefit, get a certification. 

Getting a certification can help you reach out to more clients, open up new markets for you and even help you find your prospective clients. Seek professional advice if you are not sure what you should do.

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