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5 Things To Know Before Investing In Customized Software

Keep an edge on your competitor with customized software!

Custom software can be a tipping point to make or break a growing company. When it comes to innovation and operations, it’s an important aspect to give you an edge over your competitors. Let’s be honest, it is not possible with standard software!

Hence, the custom software comes into play.

Custom software allows a firm to customize its processes and existing setups as per the changing demands of the market and build software as per the business requirements.

Moreover, custom software also allows the company to provide after-sales service and 24/7 availability to clients more efficiently. However, it is not easy for a company to invest in custom software.

A survey by Mckinsey global institute reflected that companies with the top ten percent of growth invested 2.6 times more in research and development.

It is quite evident that research and development play a major role in deciding the success and growth of a business.

Moreover, there are times when a lack of knowledge and information can lead to the wrong implementation of the software.

Therefore, it is always important to properly analyze and understand the needs of your business. There are multiple factors that play an important role in deciding if your business requires a custom software or not.

To help you with that, we have come up with a list of 5 crucial factors that you will have to consider before you invest in custom software.

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Factors To Consider Before Investing In Custom Software

As per clutch reports, custom software delivers unmatchable solutions to every niche, whether it be healthcare, finance, education, or IT. 

So, develop custom software to put an end to all the subscriptions and get a solution to meet your business needs!

To manage a workforce or work, every firm uses multiple software. But what is the point of using multiple software when everything can be done with a single software?

Well, you heard it right! 

Custom software makes it all possible!

You can build custom software as per the requirements of your firm. Choose the functionalities and operations that you want it to carry out and take the productivity of your business to the next level.

But make sure to check out the following factors before you invest in custom software.

Analyze Your Team First

After all, you are building software for your team!

Before you invest in custom software, make sure that your company is ready to employ or already has all the missing links in the team.

For proper workflow management, the work is divided into different levels of management. Therefore, even if a single link is missing, managing the workflow can become difficult.

If you wish to create custom software, some basics profiles you will need for your business include:

  • Front-end software engineer
  • UX
  • QA tester
  • Back-end software engineer
  • Project manager
  • DevOps

However, based on the complexity and size of your software, you can make modifications in the number of employees required. If your company does not have these profiles, they can also choose to outsource employees for the time being.

Pro Tip: If you wish to save cost, you can also choose employees who have different expertise. For this, you can also consult Cocolevio for recruitment consulting services. The team of experts will guide you through the complete screening process and help you choose the right talent for your firm.

Analyze Your Finances

Do not let your finances become an obstacle in your operations!

Companies may often neglect the initial investment cost for building custom software. The initial investment cost is one of the major factors that you have to consider to decide if your company is ready to invest in custom software or not.

To begin with, you need to maintain enough funds in your firm. You can use these funds to pay salaries to all the new and existing employees that you will hire for the project.

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Not only this, using an existing talent to perform a particular task for a new project rather than performing their usual activities can also be very high. Also, you will have to keep in mind that when it comes to custom software, the return on investment may take some time, especially in the beginning.

Along with these costs, you must also consider the cost of product licensing, infrastructure, and software implementation cost. Considering these costs will give you a clear picture of all the expenses that you will incur in implementing the custom software.

Based on this, you can plan out how you will manage your expenses in the future.

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Analyze The Time Constraints

The most important constraint is the time!

You need a considerable amount of time to build custom software from scratch. To take over your competition and develop advanced and full-fledged software, the effort and time you need are real constraints.

Generally, software is developed in the following six stages:

  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Testing and integration
  • Designing
  • Maintenance
  • implementation

You need to know that every step of this cycle may take even months to be implemented. This completely depends on the time you have allotted to each level and the complexity of that level.

However, if you will rush through the process, there are high chances that you will end up making mistakes.

In such cases, you will have to invest more money and time into it. Therefore, every step of the process must be planned properly.

Analyze The Security Measures

Security of your data and business should be your top concern!

There is no doubt that developing custom software that meets all the requirements of your business is crucial. But, you will also have to devote equal time to determining and developing the security plans of your company.

You need to invest all your energy and time into developing the required security processes. These processes are required to back up your business.

In case you fail to provide adequate data protection to your users, you may have to face legal ramifications.

Therefore, you always have to test the security measures multiple times to ensure that the security is on point. If you yourself can not test the security measures, you can always hire professionals to help you.

Analyze Your Requirements

Do not forget to analyze why you chose to get the custom software in the first place!

Take your time and consider why you need custom software for your business. Ask questions like:

  • What features do you wish to add to the software?
  • Who all are going to use the software?
  • Or simply why do you need it?

Answer yourself these questions and note down all the features you wish to add as well as your expectations from the software. If after answering all these questions, you are sure that the custom software you are building is worth it, you must go for it.

Also, make sure to make the developer understand your requirements and expectations from the software to ensure the success of your business.


Proper planning and monitoring can transform your potential pitfalls into benefits!

Custom software has become the need of the hour for firms to outrank their competition. However, a company should only invest in software if it is ready for it. This includes both strategic and financial preparations.

Multiple factors including security measures, the financial standing of the firm, time constraints and team formation should be considered while investing in the custom software.

Consider all these factors and then build custom software to take your business operations and productivity to new heights.

However, you can always reach out to custom software development company like Cocolevio LLC for software development according to your business requirements. We are reachable at: +1 512-222-5730 / info@cocolevio.com

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