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The mental health of students in higher education has been a concern even before the onset of COVID-19 in 2020. But the pandemic has brought to the front a clearer correlation between poor mental well-being and academic performance. Some extreme repercussions include higher risks of school dropouts and suicide ideation rates.  The Healthy Minds 2020Read More..

Learner management software systems that are specially designed for medical colleges have become quite popular in medical institutions across the country. A well-integrated management system not only automates all routine processes but also saves on expenditures and staff time. This makes medical program software truly worth the investment in the long run.  A good medicalRead More..

In 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic caused disruptions to education across the globe, forcing implementation of remote learning models and online classrooms. This sudden transition triggered a variety of unprecedented challenges for students, making it harder for them to cope with stress and social isolation.                       Read More..

Over the past few years, the speed of digitalization in the educational sector has grown exponentially. The COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated the growth and use of EdTech, which had its first significant boom in 2015. Due to the pandemic, the global education systems entirely relied on technological advancements to keep the world advancing. The globalRead More..

What is MSPE Letter? A Medical Student Performance Evaluation is a vital component in the journey of an aspiring medical student. MSPE paves a way to get through the medical residency procedures in the United States of America. The medical universities prepare these MSPEs for all the pupils for their residency applications. All of theseRead More..

The advent of the Digital Age has led to an epochal shift in the workings of the Education landscape. Universities across the globe are finding it increasingly hard to continue with the traditional ways of managing their operations. The sheer scale of paperwork and documentation tracking involved in institute management is exhaustive. Processes like studentRead More..

The Need For Student Wellness Tracking Programs In Higher Education.  As per the latest TimelyMD (telehealth provider) Back-to-School 2022 survey report, 88% of students believe there is a mental health crisis on college campuses in the U.S.  54% of them agree that increased distress and/or anxiety has impacted the quality of education.  Only 18% ofRead More..

Gone are those days when medical universities managed all their data manually in their systems or using multiple software. In a rapidly growing era, keeping yourself updated with technology and changing your old working systems is necessary. Managing a university can be extremely challenging without the right kind of LIMS / Learner information management software.Read More..

How Medical Institutions Generate Dean’s Letters (MSPE Letter)? Every medical student dreams of joining a residency program in their chosen specialty. A medical student starts searching for a residency program during the final year of their schooling, and residents’ training takes place in a hospital during the medical residency program.     To get accepted into residencyRead More..

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