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Our Strategy Consulting Services

Modern technology solutions like cloud services, artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of things (IoT) have many organizations re-examining their established business models and supporting technology tools. Whether your organization seeks to optimize or transform, our strategy consulting expertise helps you identify opportunities to innovate and drive meaningful change that creates operational efficiencies and keep your business competitive.

Our Focus Areas

Our Approach

Understanding Your Goals

The foundation of our strategy consulting services lies in our ability to fully analyze and understand both your current and desired states.

Recommending Tools

Our platform agnostic approach means we strive to find the right tactics and tools to meet your unique business needs while overcoming technical debt.

Supporting Strategy Implementation

Once your organization has identified key projects, let us help you manage their execution and keep things on track while minimizing the impact to daily operations.

A Holistic Approach

In today’s marketplace, any significant technology decision you make will be heavily influenced by both operational and financial considerations. This is truer now more than ever before, given new, modern technologies and the business models (on-demand, open source, reserved instances, etc.) that accompany them as well as the upfront investment required.  Cocolevio’s strategy consulting team can help.

Beyond working with you to choose the right technology solutions and tools, our strategy consulting team will also help you think through the broader business and financial implications:

  • What is the ROI of my technology decision? Help me build a business case.
  • How do I compare the capital spend model of a private cloud to the pay-as-you-go model of public cloud?
  • How difficult/expensive will it be to switch platforms?
  • Will this platform be flexible enough to enable my business strategy in the long run?
  • Help me think through the economics of custom software vs. open source vs. off-the-shelf.

Customer Stories

A $10 million revenue customer needed help with vendor selection for the right CRM solution

(Salesforce vs. Sugar CRM vs. off-the-shelf vs. custom application). Client considerations included ROI, overall long and short term costs, opex and capex, license and maintenance, evaluation of project risk, and compatibility with longterm strategic goals. This was a critical, significant investment, resolved quickly by our strategy consulting team in the customer’s best interests.

For a $3 billion revenue customer, Cocolevio designed an overall cloud strategy.

We then modeled the economic costs of running 3 mission critical applications in their US data centers vs. moving those same applications to Amazon Web Services. The results of this predictive modeling led to clear insights which drove the executive team’s final decision and investment.

Cocolevio helped a $50 million revenue firm consolidate many IT vendors,

modernize tools and move key infrastructure projects to the cloud, make decisions on incoming proposals, and outsource key functions to reduce labor costs. Our strategy implementation plan enabled significant reductions to operating expenses and increased operational efficiency.

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