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Our Architecture & Development Solutions

The best software is built mindful of not only the technical environment but also the business environment in which you operate. At Cocolevio, our team has decades of experience building world-class software products based on architectures grounded in a comprehensive business strategy. Because our technology focus centers around Automation, Cloud, Big Data and IoT, we ensure that your architecture is modern and future ready.

What do we offer?

Our Approach

Audit & Assess Your Current State

Many organizations have a portfolio of technology platforms and tools acquired over time that are inefficiently leveraged and include redundancies. Let Cocolevio help you understand what you have vs. what you need.

Modernize Your Architecture

Ensure the right architecture is in place to create a solid foundation for your technology processes and platforms.

Future Proof Your Tools

Whether we are building custom software for your organization or helping you integrate a pre-built solution, Cocolevio will ensure you have the right technology in place to run your business and scale.

Reviving Technological Diffusion

Technological diffusion is the process in which innovation spreads across and within economies. Technological innovation has been increasing exponentially in the past decade and amazing companies and products have come out of it. Large companies have been able to grow and expand at amazing rates but smaller companies have not been able to get to that level of productivity. The problem is that large companies have the money and resources to take advantage of technological innovation while smaller companies do not have the same capabilities or sometimes even desire to transition past legacy technology.

Future Ready Software

Regardless of your business size, delighting customers and winning in the marketplace through the use of modern technology (Cloud, Big Data, IoT) starts with a well-thought out software architecture. Generally speaking, software architecture is a blueprint detailing how an organization is going to use various technical components to successfully execute long-term strategy. Both the challenge and the key is to do this without:

  • Limiting the flexibility and scalability of your business strategy going forward
  • Locking you in to high cost contracts or platforms with high switching costs
  • Deviating from important structural elements

Software architecture sets the foundation for all subsequent project activities; a poorly designed architecture can result in a project riddled with issues that cost money and time to correct, or worse, are irreperable.

The best software architecture is built mindful of not only the technical environment but also the business environment in which you operate. At Cocolevio our team has decades of experience building modern technology solutions with world-class software products based on architectures grounded in a comprehensive business strategy. Furthermore, our focus on and expertise in leadinng edge technology areas (i.e., Cloud, AI, Big Data, IoT) ensures that your architecture is modern and future ready.

Cloud Services

Key Cloud Trends:

  • The rapid adoption of the cloud continued with an increased demand for multi-cloud strategies.​
  • Implementation of container technology that further boosts multi-cloud usage​
  • Businesses innovating and opting for hybrid solutions​

When migrating a software portfolio to the cloud, the first step is identifying which applications and workloads would benefit from optimization and re-architecting versus those that would not.

Our team at Cocolevio conducts a cloud readiness assessment to classify your application into one of five migration strategy categories based on our review of the application in its current state and your business goals.

  • Rehost The simple ‘Lift and shift’ approach requires only minor application changes. However, it does not take full advantage of public cloud benefits
  • Refactor This involves application modification to capitalize on some benefits of the public cloud, such as elastic computing.
  • Revise A significant application revision enables the application to support a modern, cloud-oriented capability without becoming a native cloud application.
  • Rebuild This process takes an existing application and rebuilds it to focus on a cloud-native architecture.
  • Replace There are plenty of situations where a SaaS solution replaces the legacy application, negating the need for the organization to consider a cloud migration strategy for that legacy investment.

Why Cloud Migration?

Common cloud migration goals include reduced costs, increased agility, enhanced security, and better access to data. Additionally, your organization may have specific goals for compliance, customer support, automation, and business growth.

Our cloud migration services simplify the transition of your apps, data, workload, and other business elements to a cloud computing environment and help you achieve greater scalability, faster deployment, and improved cost-efficiency.

We offer comprehensive cloud solutions that meet your business needs. We follow a step-by-step process to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

  • Identifying your cloud migration goals and objectives.
  • Analyzing the data that you will be migrating to the cloud.
  • Designing and testing your cloud migration architecture.
  • Selecting the most suitable cloud provider and services.
  • Migrating your data to the cloud.
  • Implementing and testing the new cloud infrastructure.
  • Optimizing performance and security of cloud infrastructure.
  • Measuring monitoring, and managing the cloud environment.

Our custom cloud migration services include:

  • Cloud Migration and Modernization
    1. Oracle DB to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    2. Oracle DB to Oracle Cloud DBaaS
    3. Oracle DB to AWS RDS (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, EC2, MariaDB, etc.)
    4. Oracle DB to Azure Infra, Azure DBaaS (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)
    5. Oracle E-Business Suite to AWS Infrastructure, Azure Infrastructure
    6. On-Premise Database warehouse to AWS RedShift
    7. Any On-premise Database to SQL DB / NoSQL database (Mongo, Casandra, Azure Cosmos DB, Amazon Dynamo DB, etc.)
  • Application Migration through AWS & Azure Services
  • Server Migration through AWS & Azure Services
  • Legacy Application Migration using Serverless Technology and Edge Computing
  • Customized Migration Tools and Services

Big Data Services

With a combination of the right tools and techniques, our Big Data services help your business make informed decisions for the growth and direction of your company.

We empower your business with Big Data analytics to assist you in

  • Gaining valuable insights about customer behavior and improving user experience
  • Improving product development and supply chain management
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns and reducing costs
  • Boosting operational efficiency and identifying new areas of opportunity

and much more.

We provide complete big data solutions to help you make the most of your data, from collecting and analyzing to storing and distributing.

Our Big Data services include data collection, storage, analysis, predictive analytics, and reporting. We are committed to providing you with the best possible service and support to ensure data security and compliance. Our team of Big Data experts can help you find the right solutions for your specific needs.

We specialize in the following technologies and methodologies:

  • Distributed Processing: MapReduce Framework and Pig
  • Apache Hive
  • NoSQL Databases: HBase
  • AWS Big Data Services
  • Scala Development
  • Spark Eco-Systems: Apache Spark: Next Generation Big Data Framework, Spark SQL: Processing DataFrames
  • Modeling Big Data with Spark, Stream Processing Frameworks and Spark Streaming, Scala Development for Batch Processing, and Analytics for easy development to avoid ambiguity of Java and Python

Scala Development Services

At Cocolevio, we have developed customized software with Scala, Akka, and Play, using functional programming, reactive architecture, and powerful libraries like Spark and Kafka to customize enterprise applications.

Whether you want an end-to-end solution or support for an existing project, our Scala development experts have the perfect solution for your business.

Furthermore, we support complex architecture and microservices framework-related integrations, such as:

  • Akka
  • Akka Streams
  • LogoM
  • gRPC
  • Play
  • Big Data
  • Spark
  • Data lake
  • Slick
  • Typesafe

Workflow Automation

Cocolevio’s workflow automation expertise helps you never miss a task again. It also helps you concentrate on getting more work done and focus on the things that matter.

Over the years we saw that businesses that focus on workflow automation are more efficient, save time and money, and minimize the likelihood of errors. We also observed that automating inefficient processes will only magnify the inefficiency. Therefore, Cocolevio’s approach is to first evaluate the target processes, make improvement recommendations and then design the appropriate workflow automation solution.

In the process of designing your workflow automation solution, we are also evaluating:

  • Data quality, management & governance processes, including aspects related to Data Mining and/or
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) integration requirements
  • The use of AI as an opportunity to extract more value

Letting Cocolevio assist with workflow automation should lead to:

  • More streamlined communications – workflow automation improves internal communications, which
    turns into lower rate of employee turnover and higher employee satisfaction.
  • Better visibility and accountability – everyone should know what tasks they are responsible for.
  • Reduced costs – workflow automation inherently reduces errors, especially employee errors, which means
    saving companies from costly expenses associated with human errors.
  • Improved workplace efficiency – saving time and avoiding costly expenses are only two of the major
    factors contributing to higher efficiency.

To summarize, workflow automation gives you a better picture of the different tasks and makes it easier to identify areas for improvement and increases overall productivity.


Software Development

Cocolevio’s expert team specializes in building composite applications. These solutions tie together smaller pieces of existing applications into one larger mashup, resulting in a composite application tailor-made to a specific customers needs. Composite applications:

  • Simplify development and maintenance
  • Cost less than custom software
  • Reduce risk by avoiding lock-in and using tested code
  • Shorten time-to-value, getting you where you need to be faster

Your Tech, Your Way

The Cocolevio team brings decades of experience solving business and technology issues for major corporations all around the world. We leverage this experience to provide you objective, technology-agnostic consulting. This means we will never push one particular cloud provider or software vendor over another.

Customers value Cocolevio as a technology-agnostic business partner: we are not beholden to any particular technology platform, product or vendor. Our only goal is to help you succeed, regardless of what software or technology platform you choose.

Making it happen

Cocolevio provides custom software development services to help you execute on your vision. You only pay as software functions and features are completed (“story points”), rather than large upfront payments hoping you get what you asked for months later. Our customers value the rapid feedback loop and transparency.

Tried-and-true composite applications

It’s a fact that great design drives great companies. Today’s users are savvy enough that research shows: Right now, quality, affordable, easy to use software is readily available for credit card processing, CRM, account management, identity and access management and more. There is no need to rebuild these basic components when they are accessible and inexpensive. We focus on building your unique software on these commodity building blocks, getting you up and running faster.

By leveraging the APIs that are available with most modern cloud based software services, it is possible to build truly innovative systems which can disrupt the incumbents in many areas. For instance, being able to use simple API-based payment processors, it is very easy to create mobile applications for checkouts. T his negates the need for legacy point-of-sale solutions.

*Google, Stirling Research, and SmithGeiger research study: thinkwithgoogle.com

Technical Staff Augmentation

Our staff augmentation business allows you to augment the capacity of your organization on a short or long-term basis, adding skilled, technical team members in a flexible way. Whether you have specific technology roles to fill or need help determining the gaps on your team, let Cocolevio hire and employ the resources, then contract them to you, cutting down on the time and cost it takes to bring new hires onboard.

Why staff augmentation?

Very technical or niche technology-related roles can be hard to fill. This is especially true when the required expertise or function does not already exist in your organization. Let Cocolevio own the administrative aspects of the hiring process so you can focus on the team’s core technical and operational responsibilities. Staff augmentation offers many of the benefits of outsourcing but with much of the control of in-house operations:

  • Reduce time and effort around recruiting
  • Lower employee-related costs
  • Eliminate need for infrastructure investment
  • Operate beyond current geographical limitations
  • Maintain control over candidate selection
  • Manage day-to-day contractor responsibilities and priorities
  • Integrate contractors into team and organization
Is staff augmentation right for my organization?

If you are considering staff augmentation, understanding when it is most appropriate is critical. There are instances, for example, where business context and deep institutional knowledge are required, making the use of contractors virtually impossible. There are other instances where projects are related to larger, long term initiatives where the upfront investment in permanent talent will yield a better return. Cocolevio can help you to evaluate these factors and determine the right staff augmentation model for your organization. Partner with us to grow your team using flexible labor if you want to:

  • Bridge the gap between meeting current capacity needs from new operations and the building out of a permanent team & structure
  • Meet temporary operating capacity spikes related to projects, seasonality, customer demand increases, etc.
  • Temporarily leverage a specialized skill set that is not currently possessed in-house
  • Meet particular business, financial or strategic goals (e.g., time to market)

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