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Tips For Minority-Owned Business

Did you know? 

As per an annual business survey, 18% of US businesses are minority-owned. Source: https://bit.ly/3xdpArD 

Unfortunately, minority businesses have to struggle hard to establish themselves in the marketplace. 

But what is the reason behind it? What factors are stopping all these minority-owned businesses from growing?

They have to struggle hard in terms of getting certified, accessing capital, opportunities and even customers.  

Therefore, handling and promoting these businesses should be done in a different way. 

However, If you are a minority business owner and you are not sure how to grow it, sit back and keep reading this post.   

We have compiled certain tips that will help to promote and grow a minority-owned business with ease. 

tips for minority owned business

Keep reading for inspiration and information! 

Some Crucial Tips For Minority-Owned Businesses

Tip 1: Apply for business loans and grants 

Manage your starting requirements with available minority business grants! 

There is no doubt that growing and starting your business can be a bit of a pocket-bender! 

Fortunately, the starting capital requirement can be managed easily by minority business loans and grants available.  

However, know that each loan has different eligibility criteria depending on the annual revenue, profit, employee count and more.  

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Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is to check the eligibility criteria by consulting with the bank or financial institution. If you fit the eligibility criteria, start with the process of application.  

Always remember that even a small amount is crucial for your business.  

Tip 2: Observe influencers on the social media

Get your daily dose of practical tips and inspiring quotes from the influencers! 

Social media is a great way to promote what you think or believe in. from practical to inspiring quotes, everything is now available on social media platforms. All you have to do is to find influencers who support minority-owned businesses. 

Choose influencers with successful minority stories. Irrespective of the industry you are working in and your goals, try to learn from the people who have been through all the challenges. Learn through their experiences as minorities and move ahead towards the success you have been looking for. 

Tip 3: Bring Diversity in Your Team

Diversification is the future! 

All the people in your team do not need to have a similar background. Instead, you should focus on diversifying your team and choose people who are dedicated and hard-working. You can also choose employees who have different goals, values, inclusion and ideologies. 

Doing this will not only strengthen your community but it will also strengthen the brand integrity. 

Tip 4: Honor National Heritage Month

Let people know that you care about your ideas and mission! 

People always connect with companies that are emotionally considerate. Whether it is about celebrating pride month in June or disability pride month in July, let people know that you care about their feelings.  

Make sure to find the days and months that fit the identity of your business and also, incorporate those days into the seasonal marketing of your brand.  

With that said, do not ignore other communities. Honour other groups to make the minority community strong as a whole. 

Tip 5: Accept and flaunt your minority experience

A cliche and yet important tip! 

Always remember that the day you will accept yourself, other people will start accepting you. 

Make sure you embrace the race, sexual orientation, or ethnicity you are from. Incorporate the same into your brand’s foundation to connect to more people. 

There are many celebrities and influencers out there who are famous because of staying loyal and true to their roots.  

People like them because they are being themselves. However, you can still embrace your minority experience even if you are not a celebrity. 

Tip 6: Get Certified

Increase your credibility and get certified as a minority business! 

You get access to multiple advantages after getting an official certification. These advantages of a minority-owned business include better business partnership offers, client database access, networking events, management and training workshops and more.  

If you wish to get certified as a minority-owned business, You can use any of these minority owned business certification services to get a badge as a minority owned business.: 

  • NMSDC certification: You can visit the national minority supplier development council website to apply for the certification. However, first, you will have to verify and ensure that you are eligible for this course. When you are sure that you are eligible, simply collect all the required documents, fill up the online application form, submit the fee and submit the form. Now you will have to wait till the form is approved by the authority.
  • 58Joralemon: 58Joralemon is a certification service for minority owned, women owned and veteran owned businesses. Attract more customers for your diverse business by certifying your status with Cocolevio’s 58joralemon application.
  • City/state certification: Some of the cities or states also help the local minority-owned businesses to establish or grow. They provide you with a certification as a minority-owned business. However, this does not happen everywhere. Therefore, check on the internet if your state or city offers this certification or not. If they do, also check the eligibility for the same.
  • Federal certification: Many business development programmes like SBA’s program are there to help economically and socially disadvantaged people with their business. In the SBA’s program, participants have multiple benefits including technical assistance, training, contractual help and a lot more. If you own a minority business, it is a good way to get certified and trained at the same time.

Pro-tip: You can use 58Joralemon to simplify your process of getting certified as a minority-owned business. From collecting information to analyzing and submitting documents, everything can be done with ease on this platform. 

Tip 7: Indulge in other languages as well 

Connect with people in every language possible! 

Linguistic diversity is one of the underrated techniques to grow your business. Everybody is aware that most people speak English in the US but with the increased globalization, don’t be surprised if you find linguistic diversity everywhere. 

For instance, if you own a Latin-X business, do not restrict your functions only to Latin people. Instead, you should introduce Spanish, German or English translation facilities on your social media accounts or websites.  

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Not only this will help you expand the audience but it will also be beneficial for the audience. They will be able to explore, access and discover your brand. 

Moreover, make sure that you leave no stone upturned while marketing and achieve your end goal. 

Tip 8: Use labels and tags owned by minority

Leave an imprint on your audience’s mind with your minority-owned labels! 

Multiple platforms have their own way to help you determine a minority-owned business. Some use tags or some may use labels. 

You must also choose an appropriate minority-owned tag and help people to determine and support your minority business. 

Whether you are listing a business or a product on the search engine, check if there is any minority-owned label available. 


Win the world with the capabilities of your business!  A minority-owned business is a title to hold onto and one must always be proud of it. Though there are challenges, there is a tremendous amount of support as well.  

Running a minority-owned business is not an easy task in any country. However, with the right management and promotion, the process can be simplified. 

To retain your audience and stay longer in the market, ensure to get your diverse owned business certified and connect with your customers.  

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