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Temperature Checks

Keep track of temperature readings for employees & customers; flag anomalies and potential threats.

Occupancy Management

Monitor the number of employees and customers permitted in a space at any given time.


Daily questionnaires collect critical health and wellness information and detect ill persons.


Send out personalized surveys to staff via email to receive feedback on how your employees are doing.


Easily keep track of important documents like test results and proof of vaccination.

Daily Health Reminders

Remind employees to practice health protocol through periodic health sense notifications throughout the day.

Vaccine Passport

Use the cert19 vaccination QR code to confirm that you have been vaccinated or to show your negative test result.

Contact Tracing

Receive alerts when an employee comes into contact with or tests positive for COVID-19.

HIPPA Compliant

Includes employer-driven HIPAA privacy compliance.

Visitor Check

Ensure the safety of employees and customers, and other onsite visitors.


Protect Your Company, Employees, and Customers

As much of the US has reopened or is about to reopen, it is important that we take every precaution to keep our employees, customers and community safe.

Why use Cert19?

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Protect your workers

Keep employees and customers safe by providing a healthy workspace through regular checks and monitoring.

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Protect against lawsuits

Recordkeeping of employer policies and data to defend against any covid19 lawsuits.

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Prepare to stay open

Prepare for future regulations that may require proof of healthy employees and safe organization.

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Recruit Wisely

Show recruits you are doing everything you can to provide a healthy, welcoming work environment.

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Reassure Customers

Communicate to customers that you and your employees are prioritizing health to continue serving them.

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Insightful Dashboard

Keep track of wellness through clean, organized dashboards for quick and easy insights.

Client Testimonials

Deb, Head of Administration, Insurance Co

"Cert19 was the perfect "return to work" solution allowing us to track temperatures and responses from daily employee health questionnaires. We have been able to get all our employees back to work, in the office, safely. We’ve been using the app since early in the pandemic and we’re now rolling cert19 out to visitors as well.”


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