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How Companies Can Prepare for Return to Work Post Covid-19

Are your employees feeling hesitant about returning to work after the pandemic?

Are you concerned about making sure how to comply with the new covid-19 CDC guidelines?

How will you assure your employees and customers that their health and wellness are your top priority?


Covid 19 has transformed the way businesses operate.  Employers and employees are beginning to consider returning to work as the speed and distribution of covid-19 vaccinations continue to pick up. Returning to work will take some adjusting to, like most things in the last 20 months. Businesses must consider how to reintroduce on-site work. They need to think of all possible options and choose the one that best aligns with their business goals while also taking employee needs into account.

Many employees haven’t been in the office in over a year, and the processes and procedures they’re used to will most certainly change to protect everyone’s safety. Before even asking employees to return to work after covid, organizations in every industry will need to do some work of their own, which begins with developing trust.

Let’s look at some of the challenges that organizations may face and the ideas for addressing them.

1.  Minimizing exposure and controlling access to the space

When it comes to admitting people to the workplace, how will companies manage the risk? The companies would require people to report details such as Covid 19 results, symptoms, recent travels, or exposure to someone who has been sick. Companies have a better chance of avoiding risk by using a system that allows employees to self-report symptoms and possible exposure.

Here post covid return to work after covid software helps.

2.  Creating flexible work schedules

While deciding on bringing people back to work, companies may need to take a staged approach, and consider individuals’ needs when selecting necessary accommodations. They can offer people to work in shifts. That gives the flexibility to have a certain number of people at the workplace at a time and is especially helpful for those employees that use public transport to travel at off-peak hours.

3.  Communicating clearly and consistently

According to a recent McKinsey & Company survey, 47% of respondents were concerned about the future if their company did not provide clear communication. It’s challenging and critical for companies to keep employees informed about the measures being taken to keep them safe and operating the company efficiently, especially with the new information regarding Covid 19 released daily.

Being able to communicate with the management and keeping people informed can also help in gaining trust. Companies could provide a dedicated channel just for Covid 19 related updates, this could motivate employees to share resources and empathize (something equally important). Companies could organize online town hall meetings, where people can anonymously speak their minds, ask questions, provide feedback and express concerns, without revealing their identities.

4.  Maintaining a record of employee health and wellness while maintaining the confidentiality

Organizations need to maintain employees’ health and wellness records such as daily temperature checks, testing records, vaccination records, questionnaires or surveys, and more.  

Employees have a right to privacy when it comes to health screenings and medical data, which will be put to the test during this crisis. To protect the confidentiality, all medical information about an employee must be kept separate from the employee’s personnel records.

5. Ensuring that the Covid19 guidelines are followed

To safeguard their businesses, employees, and customers as they adapt to a new way of working, employers will have to adhere to several regulatory and legal requirements. Organizations will require tools to aid decision-making and assure adherence to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations.

In these unprecedented and constantly changing times, developing a return to work plan that is safe and effective and safeguards employees and customers, employers must recognize the benefits of data-driven solutions. In this new normal, technology plays a crucial part, which will redefine workplace standards both remotely and on-site.

Employers are keen to use innovative technological solutions that will aid in the battle against the coronavirus and ensure that their workplaces are as safe as possible. There are several return-to-work applications created to help with this transition. The new COVID-19 office management solutions seek to tackle challenges such as keeping workplaces safe and handling other issues such as developing a COVID-aware staff and shift plan, collecting data on possibly infected individuals or visitors, and adopting a new monitoring and escalation procedure. So how companies can prepare return to work post covid-19?


Below are some of the post covid return to work solutions to consider:

1. Cocolevio Solution – cert19 – Return to Work Covid Safety Application

Cert19 is a Cocolevio solution designed to help companies and schools return to an in-person safe environment. The application makes it easier to follow the CDC’s guidelines for preventing covid 19 and its variants. Keeping in place customers and students practice healthy and safe habits. Some of the main modules of the application include:

  • Occupancy ManagementOrganizations can adhere to social distancing norms using the occupancy management module. It schedules and tracks space usage as per capacity limits. 
  • Temperature Checks: Keep track of temperature readings for employees and customers. It sets up temperature checks at regular intervals. Individuals can take temperatures at home and upload the results from their phones.
  • Daily Questionnaires: Managers can be alerted to activities or symptoms that indicate someone is compromised or at high risk of contracting Covid 19.
  • Submit Test Results: Allow employees to upload vaccination cards, virus test results, and other important documentation.
  • Employee Risk Assessment: The employee risk assessment graph shows who and how many people may be at risk in one easy-to-understand format.
  • Health Sense Reminders: Receive reminders on how to remain healthy and keep the workplace safe. The system will send out health sense reminders at set times throughout the day. These reminders can be customized to suit your needs.
  • Feedback Whistle: This feature allows employees to anonymously ask questions, give suggestions, and raise concerns. This allows for quick policy changes if needed and immediate addressing of concerns.
  • Contact Tracing Module: Using Bluetooth technology, automate and simplify onsite contact tracing. If anyone tests positive, the system will identify all other people who may have come in close contact with the infected person. The software can then alert them to take precautions.
The cert19 return to work solution offers several benefits:
  •  Protect Employees and Customers: Maintain a safe working environment for employees and customers by conducting frequent inspections and monitoring.
  • Lawsuit Protection: To avoid and defend against potential Covid19 claims, keep track of your employer’s policies and records.
  • Win Customer Trust: Let your customers know that you and your employees are putting their health first.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: It provides simplified and intuitive dashboards that provide a complete view of workplace safety. The dashboards are customizable for customers with specific requirements.

If your company has 5 or fewer employees, you can get the cert19 standard package for free.


2. ServiceNow Safe Workplace Suite

The Safe Workplace Suite from ServiceNow aims to simplify new processes while still managing employees’ prior work habits and services. To assist, detect and respond to employee exposure risk, this return-to-work system incorporates certain contact tracking capabilities. There are additional capabilities for automatic cleaning schedules, distancing floorplans, safety communications, and self-service reservations for safer office foot traffic. Through its online portal and mobile apps, the suite also facilitates employee health testing and addresses employee travel safety.

service now


3. Everbridge Covid-19 Shield

COVID-19 Shield comes in three different packages at Everbridge. These aid in the identification of risks, the protection of employees, and the management of operational disturbances. Its communication tools keep supervisors up to date on employee health and status both at work and at home, as well as for individuals who may be traveling.

COVID-19 by Everbridge Shield uses a variety of third-party databases to keep firms informed about new outbreaks, travel bans, and other events that might disrupt business. It’s a one-stop shop for check-ins, wellness reporting, and distributing health alerts.

Everbridge return to work software

4.   Zoho BackToWork

In 2020, Zoho launched its BackToWork product. It assists managers and IT administrators in ensuring employee safety, dependable communications, and secure access and entry during the return to work transition. Zoho BackToWork has up of six different modules: Administration, Communications, Employee Self-Service, Safe Entry, Volunteering, and Wellness. BackToWork is a cloud-based program that works on both Android and Apple iOS devices. These may be utilized as staff and guest check-in kiosks.

Zoho back to work


Future of Return to Work Post the Pandemic

The pandemic has thrown us a few curveballs, but by adopting a few proactive steps, companies may better prepare to adjust to the changing situations ahead. The new normal is still evolving and is here to stay, and technological solutions help make it possible. 


Above all, companies must maintain an awareness of individuals’ empathy. Employees have a lot of anxiety about the process of returning to work. Trust is necessary to move forward together and rebuild by prioritizing safety, privacy, and transparency even before the performance.  

Beyond the pandemic, businesses that prioritize employee well-being and experience will stay relevant and competitive. They need post covid return to work software to follow the standard operating procedures for the workplace.

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