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Solutions For the Trucking And Transportation Industry

The trucking industry is saturated with specialized software solutions, each focusing on different aspects of the business. Wrangling the necessary data required to track and estimate arrival times accurately has become increasingly difficult, as transportation companies have to look in multiple places for data. And even if you do geolocate the trucks, if a vehicle is stopped it still takes personal labor to discover why: customs, an accident, repairs, etc.

Cocolevio created a trio of solutions which integrated multiple data sources to track position, status, ETA and more, bringing trucking industry technology up to the level of the parcel delivery industry. We applied AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) technology to create a system capable of learning driver behaviors to refine ETA prediction.

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What Cocolevio offers

Data Wrangling

Leverage your historical data and ensure it is structured to fully extract it’s value

Internet of Things

Let your devices do all the talking...letting you know exactly what you need to know to optimize your processes

Artificial Intelligence

Proactively recognize patterns and behaviors and their potential business impact, enabling quick and efficient business decisions

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